At what age did you start using Linux?

@shellkr Believe that 'Steam For Linux' was made public in 2012-2013 before I had even hit puberty. Did not have much money to purchase video games, but it was a step towards installing Ubuntu 12.04. Windows 8.1 wasn't all too great, but that started off a short time of distro hopping with the power of USB sticks and burned DVDs. Still got many unix(-like) basics to learn, as this has mostly been wading in the casual end user space. Maybe it has improved over the years?

@HarneyB I am testing a theory that most people start with Linux before they are 25. Simply because before that our brain and body are still under development. After that we tend to settle... get families e.t.c... and time to discover new things are more limited.

I started when I was 15-16 I think. ;)

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@shellkr @HarneyB
Of course there won't be as many people who started using Linux over 25. I was interested since the early 2000s but it was too complicated for me back then, plagued with hardware compatibility and thus accessible to very few. I started in 2007 (I was nearing 40), and I think it's only around 2010 Linux OSes were user-friendly enough to get more users. 10 years isn't a long time span.

Let's not forget interest follows awareness which depends on easy availability. The very few computers sold with Linux aren't well marketed. Mainstream media *never* mentions Linux. 98% of the population don't even know Linux exists. Okay, I invented that figure but based on my dealings with "regular", non tech people, it must be close to reality.

@normand @HarneyB I dualbooted to about 2008. After that I deemed Linux stable enough and hosed Windows. Before that you had to configure X yourself e.t.c...

Actually... many are aware. I remember when I was at a previous workplace and we started talking at a break 2010ish. We where actually 3 at that workplace who used Linux. Before that it had been pretty lonely. Nowadays I meet people all the time who either know about it, use it or have used Linux.

I guess it depends on work places. Is yours tech oriented? I work for a manufacturing company, and I can tell you, on the shop floor, even those tech inclined have no idea Linux exists. Even in the office, I'm the only Linux user.

One thing I should say, I was amazed to learn that one of the shop guys knew of #FreeCAD and used it on his Windows PC. πŸ˜€

@normand @HarneyB At the time I worked at an office that manage student aid. When I think about it.. after I quit from there I have had at least one other than me who used Linux at the work place I have been. ;)

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