At what age did you start using Linux?

@shellkr I heard about Linux from my grandpa (who didn't use it, but had heard about it). Eventually, I looked up and tried to find a download page. I searched for a while, but couldn't find anything. Just articles *about* Linux.

After a few weeks or months, I somehow discovered the concept of distributions, I installed Ubuntu 16.04, and began to be fascinated by every aspect of it. I became a fan of Ubuntu and was excited for Unity 8 (and was very disappointed when it was dropped).

In 2017 I began to branch out and discover other distributions. By 2018 I had tried Linux Mint, Arch Linux, many flavors of Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, and more.

It all started when I was 12, with that innocent mention by my grandpa (who still is a Windows user).


@josias My first taste of Linux was back in 1996 and Slackware. I played with Redhat 1998 as it came with a Linux book I bought. Then Mandrake around 2001 and Ubuntu 2005-2006. I didn't like Unity and loved Gnome 3.. so did some work on UGR but gave up and moved to Arch 2010ish. Have been using Arch ever since. I have also moved to tilingwm called Bspwm. ;)

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@shellkr Nice. You've been using Linux for longer than I've been around.

Currently, I also prefer tiling window managers and minimal distributions.

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