Started feeling uncomfortable with Windows around 1996. Mostly because I couldn't change its looks. I had seen (Slackware) at a friends house and 1998 I bought a Linux book that had an accompanying diskette+CD. I liked the philosophy and joined it technically.

was the bad guy. They used their own standards e.t.c.. I forced myself of that train.

Today I feel the same way.. but this time it is . is an important ingredient to allow that switch...

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@shellkr I need a logical way to get off the Gmail/Google Doc train and also a way to minimize contact with Facebook personally. The first one is mostly migrating shit away, organizing the bookmarks for browsers to link to specific people in Youtube so I can follow their channels from "afar" etc and going through Gmail to get things to NOT go there.
The last one is a pain though, friends, family and jobs spawn there sadly.

@ohyran Yes, FB is a though one... I have an account but pretty much never use it. It's a "phone book" just in case I need to find someone.. So FB doesn't get any data and can not track me.

Youtube is another pain point.. I use BitChute for my own content streaming at the moment but am hugely interested in what LBRY will offer in the future.

Mail = Protonmail
Search = DuckDuckGo
Browser = Firefox and W3m
Phone = Jolla with SailfishOS

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