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Greetings! I'm here because of the latest Twitter purge. I figured it was only a matter of time before my account was nuked.

I annoy both conservatives and liberals.

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I'm deleting Facebook today. I don't use it that much anyway but the final straw was watching my family members argue publicly. For that reason I'm feeling sad; I won't miss the platform.

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Hats off to the CEO from Liberty energy as he installs billboards near North Face headquarters in Denver!!

Liberty energy trolls North Face after North face refuses to fill an order of fleeces for Texas oil company.

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Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, who sadly died right before the Covid outbreak, said the PCR "process" (it's not technically a test for anything) should NEVER be used to determine positive or negative infection results. Furthermore, he said when using the PCR analysis, anything cycled above 25-30 cycles would give a radically high number of false positives because of the infinitesimal magnifying capabilities of the process. Yet for the last year most countries used 35-40 cycles.

So how close are we to the complete collapse of the dollar?

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I'm working on migrating away from big tech companies. Here are my plans โ€“ some of which I've started to implement.

-Move my website hosting to Iceland.
-Switch from Gmail to ProtonMail.
-Download my entire Google Drive and host/backup locally.
-Accept payment for my services in alternative currencies (I will still accept fiat for the time being but other currencies will be discounted)

Any recommendations for other ways I can abandon big tech?

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Don't let this happen to you - or anyone you care about! Your office suite shouldn't control you. Get LibreOffice, and get away from forced subscriptions, vendor lock-in, and someone else deciding when you can work:


The invariable result of politics is that you will be less free in the future than you are right now.

Occasionally you'll make "progress" and win a right or two back; but you'll lose a hundred freedoms for every one you gain.

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Robinhood "Let the people trade"

Google "Don't be evil"

Twitter "The free speech wing of the free speech party"

The United States of America "Land Of The Free"

How we doin guys?

It's high time that someone creates a decentralized platform for trading stocks.

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When Wall St tycoons make huge bets that flop, they have the Federal Government they own and control come bail them out with taxpayer money.

When their short sell gamble goes bad, they demand the SEC step in & punish those who won and insist government power be used to stop it.

How to survive this backwards new world.

If you don't have your own business start a side hustle immediately. Peg your prices to gold, silver, or a stable crypto. Giving a discount on payments made in these currencies will help motivate your customers to learn how to live without fiat. Accept payments in fiat but convert all but petty cash to your preferred currency.

Gold/Silver Savings: I suggest you consider UPMA (United Precious Metals Association).

Crypto: I suggest you consider Monero.

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