There's a much better rate of ~1MeV electrons and 1.46MeV gamma rays, about 60 of those per second (and the same number of neutrinos and antineutrinos)

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About every 25 mins this carton of dates will emit a positron (from the potassium-40 content). Not a huge rate but it will keep doing it for a billion years

"The bits of the chip that may have been backdoored by the NSA have been removed by the Chinese and replaced by new IP that may or may not have been backdoored by China"

One of the exits of my bird feeder got blocked by a prune again!

YouTube ad: "Which one of the following 4 trucks would you consider buying?"
Me: "Hmm that's an interesting question actually and I don't know what one of them looks like so I'll just google it..."
YouTube: <gives up and refreshes to video>

Google translation from Japanese:
"I inadvertently sent a business email saying, 'Europa (Jupiter's moon)' from a place where 'A customer is coming from Europe'. A colleague immediately replied, 'I want you to enjoy your journey to Earth.'"

Haven't double checked the data source but it looks like virus mortality goes like this as a function of age

Had weird dreams last night including one where Elon Musk had made a car that folds up like in Transformers, and the factory was decorated with big models of the ~10 different new sorts of mechanical joint they'd had to invent to make that work

My talk slides are done and it feels like my cold is going away (no longer sore glands behind my jaw)

The Growing Inaccessibility of Science


Also, Nature, the above is how you do title case

I think NY state banned plastic straws this year, so my drink has a cardboard straw that gets soggy, while the cup and lid (much more by mass) are still plastic

Try putting -ftree-vectorizer-verbose=7 as a gcc flag and get reams of output on all the clever automatic vectorisation stuff it's doing

Translated from Japanese by Google: "I am eating plankton gathered in a vortex while drawing a spiral with ducks. A sight relatively common in the middle of Tokyo."

The squirrel sandwich folder has been automatically backed up to Windows

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