The whole wiggler is built and installed apart from final clamp to reduce that gap between the halves

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Switching off text wrapping in newer versions of :

[menu] -> Preferences -> General tab, scroll right to bottom -> Config Editor... -> Set mailnews.wraplength = 0

I casually said "bitcoin doesn't scale" at the end of a tweet and got all these nerds writing small novels on why I'm wrong

After adding some required firmware and trying again, it now gets to:

[ OK ] Started Simple Desktop Display Manager

...and then stops responding to anything except the shutdown button.

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Great when you try to open one of those screw-off caps with a bottle opener and it shatters the neck filling your beer with delicious powdered glass

The Moon and Jupiter are quite close in the sky tonight. Both good through binoculars and I could just make out Ganymede and Europa to the left of Jupiter

Smelt a distinct burning smell, was worried about my new PC but actually the neighbours were having a barbeque

A spider was living inside the build plate of my 3D printer, using the light to attract moths

If Undertale had a sequel called Deltarune, I guess the third one will be called Elder Tuna

I'm now seeding it and a Debian 11.0 install disc, just in case you need to rebuild civilisation

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