Installed "Dark Reader" extension for FireFox because I don't like reading on white backgrounds. Seems to work, I've configured it to only invert the colours on sites I choose (can toggle with Alt-Shift-A)

There's now an AMD Threadripper Pro with double the RAM channels of the usual desktop one - might make a good workstation

I passed the driving thing. Finally. It's 1:40am

I will tell everyone how to behave via Twitter. I will also Political Views.

Safety equipment: 1. Tires. There should be tires on your car.

I'm doing this 5.5 hour long online safe driving course, it saves 10% off my insurance so it (marginally) worth it

I like this line from the Zen of Python:

"There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."

This has not been my experience. I usually have to be told what the "pythonic" way of doing something is before it becomes "obvious".

I heard a lot of bird chirping from the outlet tube of my tumble dryer, but they don't appear to be nesting in there

That power dip came with Windows updates. They installed when it rebooted

Paddled in the Long Island Sound, water is cool but not really cold, the weather stations say it's about 20C

Seems the dentists here are open, just booked my regular appointment

The branch appeared to slide left easily, so with the help of a 5ft prodding stick and a 10ft length of drainpipe I found, I got it down!

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The other thing I saw on my walk last night was a raccoon disappearing into a drain

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