Actually, they've done rectangular windows with bevels, flat rectangles and now flat with round corners. The future is perhaps bevelled with round corners, like a tea tray?

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My expectations were "you have to pay via microtransactions to be able to sort as a list in File Explorer"

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"Rounded corners" are the main feature, but that's better than actively destroying what they already had (which seems to be the norm for software these days), so I'm OK with it

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Use machine learning to add comments to code. The comments won't make any sense, but it'll satisfy the "your code doesn't have enough comments" crowd

Now it's 4 days later, the crescent Moon has moved around enough to be easily visible in the evening

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My garden was visited again by fast rabbit. I couldn't take a photo because it was too fast

I just put together one of these: Assembly instructions needed a bit of puzzling out but it worked in the end

I got the ✅ tag at work that confirms I'm vaccinated, lets me go in there and not wear a mask

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