Ian Hislop on Have I Got News For You has just pointed out it's an anagram of "moronic"

"One omicron case was discovered on Long Island" It's here! Should I put out a welcome sign?

Q&A about the new 1-day testing requirement for entering the US: (it's any time the previous day, not 24 hours)

@SplitShockVirus Last night I dreamt someone had installed a linux distribution on my laptop where the text during bootup was entirely memes. I suspected you were to blame

The moderna booster I had on Tuesday made me tired on Wednesday so I went to bed at 8pm, of course now I'm awake at 3am...

It's not all bad news in browser land, Konquerer managed to render Google Docs correctly just now

Scientists are starting to understand the AstraZenica vaccine blood clots problem: bbc.com/news/health-59418123

I guess it's OK to dump every sort of waste except plastic into the ocean

Bored Ape NFTs are intellectual property distilled to its purest form

First thing I saw this morning was a small squirrel gnawing at the lights (they don't last many years)

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Put a few Christmas lights on the tree in the garden

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