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How the power lines at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA simply and clearly show the curvature of the Earth buff.ly/2NioXEq

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I think I have a family of four young-ish squirrels in my garden right now. One was very thirsty and drank out of the bird water

Nice example of propaganda strategy in action. Only cure seems to be better media literacy in the US.

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Russia-funded TV network RT America has been pushing the baseless claim that 5G technology causes serious health effects. It's a strategy that one official has described as economic warfare. bit.ly/2HmgQWL

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The BBC says it's OK, there isn't really a goose watching you while you sleep

Hopefully he'll take a photo of him presenting my poster, which I'll include on my next poster, and so on.

Rob Michnoff will be presenting my poster at in Australia. I made sure to put a photo including him on the poster, so you can make sure the person presenting my poster is not an imposter.

Something about scientific papers seems too terse and too verbose at the same time. I'd much rather browse a rambling slide deck with equations and pictures pasted haphazardly, including half-finished ideas.

Glad to see this - I'd always thought the vendor-only app store system was anticompetitive bbc.com/news/technology-482555

What does VR look like with no VR software? A giant scrolling wall showing the Linux boot sequence (different in each eye)

CBETA energy estimates using measured tunes and theoretical dependence

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