Looks like Jupiter and Saturn are getting closer in the sky, but I can only see them early evening around 6pm between a small gap in the trees

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There'll be a penumbral lunar eclipse tonight but very late, in the small hours of the morning in NY

A sign of a good technology is that it is widely used as a component in other things

Computers used to be fast and predictable, but now web apps have made them slow and AI has made them unpredictable

So now the seagulls have eaten the meat and left the skeletons and heads on the beach

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Problems with cinemas this year mean there are now four Marvel movies scheduled for 2021 including one with spodermun en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvel_C

Acronyms have to be expanded in this journal's title and abstract... but "linac" is allowed!

Does this suggest an interesting workaround to you? Are you interested in fifiacs or fifialgracs?

I scared a rabbit from underneath my garden steps. Why are there so many rabbits suddenly?

Lots of dead fish had washed up on the beach tonight, I wonder if the seagulls will get them in the morning. Also I saw a rabbit on the way back

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