Had a dream where I was hacked through a YouTube video and the hacker installed SuSE Linux on my computer?!

Domino's still lets me pick up pizzas but has a "contactless carry out" table where the staff put the pizza out (you have to phone them to tell them you're waiting)

Imagine a human-brained robot supervisor supervising robot-brained robots that pick up the Amazon boxes 95% of the time but sometimes fall over or get stuck on walls

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A lot of our infrastructure requires a humanoid to operate it. So the physical equivalent of remote access to a computer would be remote control of an android to perform tasks at a remote site

The Half-Life flashlight in VR works really well. Also the fact that guns load mechanically is interesting (although unfamiliar to me!)

It's very good. Graphics are impressive even on "low". I like the option to have continuous movement. I keep hitting the pause menu by accident because it's the left-hand grip control though.

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I started up on my system and it looks good. Radeon RX580 maybe only just adequate but it's playable. Although judging from the orientation of these screenshots have I got my headset on squiffy?

Looks like two layers of tea towel makes an effective filter but unfortunately quite difficult to breathe through - informative discussion linked here RT twitter.com/SamWangPhD/status/

It's a warm day, I opened the kitchen door to the garden. But there's one bird that sounds like a car alarm and one that sounds like a mobile ringtone!

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