Now that it's summer and the ducks are starting to come through the walls, make sure you have netting on your toaster and it's free of holes. It's hard to catch a duck that's escaped into another dimension!

Went on a walk in the evening and saw a couple of bats flying around

Noticed the rose in my front garden has lots of buds on it

Getting a bit on the warm side indoors, put the AC units in the windows

There's some tables, some stuff to look at, that's kind of a paper

The eat around the apple core but have smaller teeth so they leave behind a very spindly core

Just looking at the thin crescent (new) , which you can see after sunset

Corina vorus 

Check out those recent changes - 2 weeks and I'll be freeee (according to the CDC anyway)

SpaceX’s fifth high-altitude flight test of Starship from Starbase in Texas

Only just got around to making a cup of coffee today. I went to get my 2nd vaccine this morning

The main thing stopping me open-sourcing more code is the flood of "it doesn't compile on my system" and they expect you to be unpaid tech support

It seems quite early in the year but some large mushrooms are growing at the edge of some people's gardens

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