The Moon and Jupiter are quite close in the sky tonight. Both good through binoculars and I could just make out Ganymede and Europa to the left of Jupiter

Smelt a distinct burning smell, was worried about my new PC but actually the neighbours were having a barbeque

A spider was living inside the build plate of my 3D printer, using the light to attract moths

If Undertale had a sequel called Deltarune, I guess the third one will be called Elder Tuna

I'm now seeding it and a Debian 11.0 install disc, just in case you need to rebuild civilisation

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"To teach children about the banking system, a U.S. primary school walked its students to a local bank where each opened a savings account into which each deposited $5. Implicit in this activity is the message that the bank is trustworthy. Another bank then acquired that bank and charged all low balance accountholders a monthly maintenance fee that wiped out the children’s savings. The children may have learned a more important lesson about the financial sector than the school intended."


Keep forgetting about the handy "Startup" tab in Task Manager, can disable this crap there

Powered on this 22" Dell monitor I got off eBay for $65, it's very nice, will become part of my main machine and the older monitor it's replacing will go to the Linux box

I dug a program that actually spawns all 24 threads on this 5900X and puts it to 100% CPU. Can't get the temperature above 68C, can't get the fan speed above 1350RPM. I can hear insects outside instead of the fan.

Commercial software: wants an account, your name, your phone number, your credit card, shows you ads, monitors your activity, uploads your files to an evilcorp

Free software: none of those things, but has a slightly janky UI

For me to lose critical data, you have to destroy all my horcruxes I mean backups

Load of boomers talking about iPhones on here today

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