@jhol Mastodon works on ActivityPub, right? From the spec it looks I just need to generate a few JSON files...

Photoshop: Musk in rocket hangar except rocket is replaced by a giant AA battery
RT twitter.com/elonmusk/status/11

Finally done with a week of random tasks: dentist, set up new phone, laundry, haircut, mow lawn...

When the bumper sticker is too far away to read clearly, I read "adopt a homeless pet" as "adopt a boneless cat"

Been making some of my 2D and 3D array operations parallel: simple stuff like filling a[x][y]=f(x,y). It also turns out 2D and 3D FFTs have an easy parallelisation because they are many 1D FFTs of rows and columns.

Today's adventure: how to get Hotmail contacts to Android?

Outlook.com can export CSV
Windows special folder "contacts" can import CSV, export one VCF file *per contact*
VCF files can be concatenated!
Command line is:
copy *.vcf all.vcf
all.vcf->website->phone, done!

Tooting from my new phone (a Nuu Mobile A5L)

Generating a 53x35x88 fieldmap took 16.06 seconds single-threaded and 4.24038 seconds with 4 threads

Just got a 6-second Youtube ad that said "deliciously juicy pork". No brand or anything. Just pork(?)

Bonus points if it's badly auto-tuned and parts of it are in Spanish

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