To speed things up, it launches up to 21 Muon1s at once (on my 16-core 5950X). One group for taking local differences, one for suggested improvement steps. The console output was chaos until I turned it off. But I could also use the windowed graphical switch and have 21 windows popping up and disappearing. 🥴

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Wrote an optimisation script at work over the last two days, but the thing it wraps around (my Muon1 tracking code) seems to fail about 10% of the time, meaning I have to put workarounds. I'm seriously starting to think I could nudge the parameters a bit in a random direction and it'd start working again.

@loke This trend of copying every stupid design decision made by Apple really sucks. Why no one can use the slightest bit of critical thinking and not copy the bad, unusable things I don't know

Today's experiment was putting BBQ sauce and ginger in the marinade for baked salmon, with pretty good results

Japan installed tunnels in the middle of railway tracks in order to allow turtles to cross the rails safely. The underpasses,which eventually lead to a pond, have not only saved numerous turtles, but have also prevented major disruptions to the train se...

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In these days of very clever optimisations, I was surprised to get a big speedup from precalculating cos(theta) and sin(theta) outside a loop (~50 iterations) instead of inside.

g++ doesn't realise theta was constant and sin, cos are deterministic?

The employee lounge in the Stanley Parable reminds me of building R3 at my previous employer

(Will try it out on KDE Plasma later - it appears there are some tools like this that try to do it: )

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You could get some approximation to this by using virtual desktops and setting different pictures or backgrounds in each one, so they "feel" like different places. Oddly enough, on Windows you need version 11 to do this natively:

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Desks, which computer desktops with overlapping documents are modelled on, have existed for >800 years, so must be a good concept, up to a point.

I wonder if a 3D environment containing multiple rooms and desks for different projects would allow better concentration per-project?

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