Honestly didn't even know I had that feature switched on until this week

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I've got 11 e-mail price-movement alerts for Bitcoin in the last week, and none in the previous several years

This tree appeared to be the only type flowering all through the woods

One last look at the midpoint of totality: all deep red, but lopsided up/down (whereas the Earth's shadow went over left->right), I guess it's not centred in the shadow in the vertical direction, would require a coincidence to be

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Totality started a few minutes ago. I notice it looks redder naked eye than through binoculars, which probably spread the light out so it's nearer the threshold of colour vision.

Probably the best one I've seen for ages, spooky weirdly-lit red moon, literally otherworldly

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Looks pretty cool now, just a strip of light and a weird dark grey/red tint on the rest of it

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Only a few broken clouds here - I can definitely see the lunar !

Broke a small DC motor by pushing the shaft and the back come out. But I reassembled it and it still works!

A conifer is growing next to my path (7-8 years ago it was tiny) and I now have to cut it back to a certain line, I suppose it'll eventually turn into a rectangular hedge

@tschak909, Thomas Cherryhomes, tweets:

And here we go. World's simplest Mastodon client for #atari8bit written in Atari BASIC, using #Fujinet's built in JSON parser. Yes that is all the code. #retrocomputing

#Atari #BASIC

I wondered what would happen if I typed "bolomberg" instead of bloomberg dot com and got a site with stroboscopic flashing Chinese writing

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