Ah, today they were bringing hundreds of eggs in there. Interesting, but I opened it up and used ant spray...

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Lots of ants in my mailbox today. This happens sometimes with various insects, I don't know why they like it in there

Installed a brand new nozzle and coupler on my 3D printer, seems to work...

Twitter says I can follow "topics" - in other words news feeds that look like every other site... WHY?

The turkey in my garden just chased off a squirrel

Interesting that watching video footage of a game on a 144Hz monitor still looks smoother on my 60Hz screen because you get several frames averaged together

A Dyson sphere looks a lot like a rubber band ball with ~675 strips about 1/214 the total diameter in width (1.4M km out of 300M km) having the same gravitational stresses as a 1km tall building on Earth

I've updated this to include a numerically-stable way of doing the required integrals, now confirmed to work in code

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It's great making u^v be the cross product of vectors in C (u*v is the dot product) until you realise that ^ associates _after_ +. More brackets needed

Find a piece of work that suits your mood

uninspired = calculate derivatives

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