Quite often "targeted ads" seem to be activated by me using a single word irrespective of context. The "AIs" just aren't very smart.

After a sunny week, it's weird foggy drizzle out there this morning

This planetoid is rotating so fast even an oblate spheroid is unstable, it also has a ring: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haumea#R

If people live and work on , there'd be days (sols) of the week there that are not synchronised with Earth (24h39 vs. 24h), although it's close enough that the occasional short week could keep the weekends roughly in sync

Seeing how tech companies treat user data, I'm not having an implanted brain interface any time soon

The trees here are budding or getting small leaves

Here's a picture of something not working (the green particle goes unstable and is lost). Do you have a picture of something not working from your research?

Lots of news about clots today except the ones writing the headlines

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Another pet peeve: people using "cannot" when they mean "should not"

This illustrates the gulf between reading a headline and seeing the timeseries in context.

No particular axe to grind here other than don't use language to do quantities, use a graph.

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