I suppose fibre-optic to the home is one step in the very slow story of copper wires being replaced by optical. By 2050 there should be some optical fibre in your computer


We might be seeing a class of "slow" computing technology changes (HDD -> SSD was pretty slow too) now that many fast ones have finished

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I still can't trust SSD.
All of my important backup are in HDD or other traditional media.

Tapes and papers are much more reliable than HDD, I think.
Optical discs can rot, but you can make multiple duplicates as many as you want.
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@wzqtparor @sjb There’s always that part of the market who want something new™ but dirt cheap (they get SSD with poor or no wear-levelling), and those who are cheapscates and hunt for the best space per $ ratio (they get TLC drives with an extra space and a shorter lifespan). With HDDs it’s the same, except there are lower-quality plates on one side and SMR on the other.

No reason to not buy a SSD with 1–1.5 mln hours to the first error.
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