I got lucky and an airport food place was open this time. I had okonomi yaki - very good!

They had automatic welding at the Thai synchrotron lab, I don't think our US lab has these

Could see palm trees from the window on this side. Also there was a tiny bird flying around carrying a very long palm leaf

Downloaded a code from Los Alamos (Superfish) and designed a magnet while sitting in the conference.

Using an H-magnet with large embedded pole-face windings to make a nonlinear field for an FFA

Max current density 4.43A/mm^2, half-gap 8cm, transverse good field region +/-25.8cm
I need to do something about that half-finger of iron that would saturate, otherwise everything seems OK

Relative field error 1e-4

There are seven flavours of petrol here - also, I apparently pressed the sepia filter by accident, so those photos - actually of an Italian restaurant - look different

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