Hey I'm one of those 30,000

Are they on Mastodon? I can only find an unofficial account right now

Now that beam isn't being lost before the 2nd turn, we get better 2-turn correction in CBETA

We tried simultaneous correction of the two passes today, had some success, possibly limited by problems elsewhere in the machine

Real machine response matrix of the CBETA fixed-field arc. Data taken by Kirsten last week, I just analysed it today. Rows are beam position monitors; columns are different corrector kicks. (A few of our BPMs are barmy)

Beam is back in the CBETA fixed-field arc (1 turn so far)

121 days uptime - pretty soon this PC will have been up for 1% of my life

I have these crude renderings of a 3D "mandelbulb" (order 2) from 2001. Interestingly Wikipedia dates it to 2009. I was lacking the idea to try higher orders, which look nicer, so didn't tell anyone.

[email protected]@twitter.com simulation of the four different energy beams going around the CBETA fixed-field arc

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