The squirrel sandwich folder has been automatically backed up to Windows

Kayla from across the corridor made a really fancy cake for my birthday

Adam produced some more nice graphs of the 4-turn FFA orbits in CBETA with the model (note the horizontal orbits oscillate every cell, but we only sample once per cell). We've run correction scripts on the first 3 turns but not the 150MeV.

Final CBETA beam orbits for this run - transmission thru 6 passes of 7, horizontal/vertical orbits in FFA, beam image on beam dump screen

Two beams (accel and decel) going through 6 of the 8 "splitter lines" - highest energy 150MeV is the exception and only has one beam

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Linac entry/exit phases (arbitrary offset and 180deg subtracted for decelerating) measured for 8-pass operation

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I found this mug with ducks' heads on it in the back of a cupboard

Adam just posted the first electrons getting to the 6MeV dump screen after going around all 4 up, 4 down linac passes in CBETA

Beam just went through the 6th pass (of 7) in the CBETA fixed-field arc. Energies are 42, 78, 114, 150, 114, 78 and the last two's orbits are plotted below

Adam managed to get enough beam into FFA pass 5 (114MeV decelerating, black here) that we could get an orbit measurement

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