@jbauer They might think you're a fountain pen nerd, tell them it's just pretty coloured drugs

@normandy @jbauer The reliance on red-yellow-green-blue theming is a bit odd given Microsoft's current logo

@jbauer My version of that is

@jbauer The matter of what default program to open a file with seems to be a source of endless pain, both in Windows and Linux...

Here's a weird example of how framing can knock a camera's automatic colour balancing off

The low cloud had broken up by the time I went to the beach this evening

Ah, the lock screen has a message saying "charging slowly" while I'm in file transfer mode :/

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My phone gives me the options to charge OR transfer files. I don't think they understand what the "Universal" in USB means

I remember when this happened probably last year, I knew in the morning I'd dreamt something pretty scary the night before, but when I tried to remember it I just got a normal room

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I don't often have nightmares, but here's an interesting example: a perfectly normal room, but all the objects in it are terrifying for some reason. Almost as if I've forgotten what chairs, door knobs etc. are and think there's this alien stuff coming out of the walls.

@jbauer I watched season 1 but think I got bored of its schtick and didn't watch season 2. I'm currently in S3 (part 4) of JoJo...

"Stop making up market segments"

"But what about all the prosumers in the cloudterprise??"

After Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Xeriex X, what are the next generations called?
"The Xbox" (2023)
Xbox Begins (6th generation but called a reboot)
Xbox 2020 (released in 2030)
Xbox and Ysphere's Crazy Adventure (animated series, not a console)

I had parts A and B that had to fit together. I made a mistake in part A, meaning I had to make a part B v1.1 to fit with it. But now I'm making A v2.0, which can be designed to fit with the original B, hence B v1.0 getting fished out of the bin.

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