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@hazel I would also like numApples

@jbauer You're making me wonder if one could start a business or charity co-locating servers in people's houses as heating...

@jbauer It might be hard to find a contract that doesn't lose you loads if it temporarily goes up further. Perhaps an option on price 3-6 months from now?

@jhol Yeah I'm not very streamlined - often end up with 2 keyboards, 2 mice, having the use the "input" switch on one of my monitors to see each display.

The worst was when plugging in a USB stick caused the Pi to reboot (probably trying to charge a capacitor on the stick caused a voltage dip) but it was fine if the stick had always been in there, so I had to reboot every time I wanted to sync files!

Recently I either got Samba and a Windows network share working, or FTP, don't remember which.

@jbauer Firefox has container tabs but honestly tabs and bookmarks should be the same tree, with only the last 8-10 used being kept live, depending on RAM

The Pi Zero can plot a certain amount of 3D graphics at 1080p, 60fps, which is kind of mindblowing

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The Raspberry Pi 400 is a cool idea, although I just dock a Pi B (sometimes a Zero - $10!) to my existing PC peripherals and I'm off to OpenGL|ES programming on Linux with gcc and SDL

@jbauer Social media can never be a source of "news" (in the accurate sense) because by its nature it lacks the editorial structure that, say, a newspaper would have.

This is why Twitter's attempts to become a "news platform" are kind of doomed.

I always feel the problem isn't so much that people are posting inaccurate stuff, but that other people are believing it...

@methyltheobromine Fry the mushrooms in butter, add onions, garlic (maybe other things if you want). Cook the noodles. Maybe make a sauce with tomato and feta and add it. Have noodles with some mushrooms and sauce? (I only know this because I made a recipe with pasta and mushrooms yesterday and it came out great)

re: Licensing stuff, SSPL, Elastic 

@jbauer Yeah although the SSPL sounds good, like they say on that thread, a really strict interpretation of that principle would mean I'd have to provide the source code of Windows because my server runs Windows, etc.

re: Licensing stuff, SSPL, Elastic 

@jbauer I wonder why they didn't just use GNU AGPLv3 (already OSI-approved, requires source of web services), would have saved everyone involved a lot of trouble (apart from perhaps Amazon)

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