If you spend 40mins mowing your lawn, you should spend at least 40mins looking at the lawn in a satisfied way, otherwise you aren't making good use of your time

I remember when computers were actually fast and not trying to evaluate javascript wrapped in vector graphics wrapped in a neural net to display a scrollbar

@elliptic Often my response to people who say "privacy doesn't exist" is to ask if that means I can stalk people etc. A lot of the stuff people complain about online is related to the complex idea of what respecting people's private lives means.

@elliptic Maybe the bailouts/stimulus are counted in "personal income"?

@elliptic I'm not sure how many people even believe this, I think it's clickbait

Ah, today they were bringing hundreds of eggs in there. Interesting, but I opened it up and used ant spray...

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@g Changing your debit card number is a good way of getting rid of unwanted subscriptions as you'll only put the new card info into the ones you want

Lots of ants in my mailbox today. This happens sometimes with various insects, I don't know why they like it in there

Installed a brand new nozzle and coupler on my 3D printer, seems to work...

Twitter says I can follow "topics" - in other words news feeds that look like every other site... WHY?

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