@norm @vib Yes. The important things are the movement paths etc., which I guess the server could verify are consistent with the game rules.

1. had to boot the non-UEFI version of the USB stick otherwise PC wouldn't boot automatically;
2. had to comment the line starting "deb cdrom:" from /etc/apt/sources.list otherwise apt would constantly say "Insert disk" (I installed from USB and web).

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KDE Plasma didn't work for me from the 11 install disk. Solution seemed to be: install with no desktop whatsoever, login as root at the console, apt install firmware, then tasksel to put desktop and KDE Plasma on, then reboot.

I also learnt that a rabbit and a squirrel are roughly equally matched in a fight

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Squirrels weren't eating my apple cores due to a surplus of acorns, so a rabbit climbed up my steps outside the kitchen and ate the ones that had fallen on the ground

"Little contribution to the indentation war"

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@tedu The only Google thing I use is a phone. Should I worry about them banning my phone? Would stop the "extended warranty" calls at least.

The whole wiggler is built and installed apart from final clamp to reduce that gap between the halves

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@SplitShockVirus So now we put...

...the hard disk...


...in the... UHUM


Switching off text wrapping in newer versions of :

[menu] -> Preferences -> General tab, scroll right to bottom -> Config Editor... -> Set mailnews.wraplength = 0

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