@akko @norm Yeah it's a magnetron - high power RF sources typically have very high voltages. (We use big ones to power particle accelerators)

I'm always intrigued by how Tesla coils manage to do this without killing everyone in a wide radius... I suppose the transmitted power is less so it's a lot of voltage and hardly any current

Wow hadn't seen the Windows BSOD for a few years. Tried to run an Android emulator...

Only exceptionally valid arguments are worth bringing a tractor for

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Firefox has a new feature which strips tracking tags from URLs.

It doesn't strip Google tracking tags.

Google pays Mozilla around $400m a year.

I wonder if these facts are related?

bleepingcomputer.com/news/secu #mozilla #privacy

I suppose it's not just a cube but a hypercube now, having acquired boundaries in past and future

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They demolished the 1960s building where I stayed at university for two years to make a new lecture hall - I actually liked this building, it was different

Applied my baked chicken tenders recipe to bits of salmon and the result was amazing. How is everyone else messing up salmon and making it watery and tasteless?

@TomF In my case the lower pitch persisted though (air bubbles from the powder formed froth on the top)

I noticed the sound from stirring a glass changes in pitch as some powder is dissolved in it. Is it because the liquid's density changes?

Since /* */ doesn't nest and // only does one line, my new favourite C comment is if (0) { }

Ended up with three printers going, two had pieces all fused together (although cracks were visible between). The other one I could remove 80% of pieces with a hammer.

Trying again with gaps increased from 0.2 to 0.3mm. 0.2mm worked with 5mm thick print but not this 45mm one.

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@splitshockvirus I think once it looks like a cardboard box on the outside, they'll pile it in a van in such a way it can topple and fall several feet

@splitshockvirus I only just realised the US definition of "room temperature IQ" must be around 70, whereas I'd been thinking in Celsius

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