@normandy Aha - Mastodon has "Filters" under settings at least

@normandy Twitter has this genius feature called "muted words", dunno if fedi has it yet

Converting the human right to shelter into an asset that is its owner's best hope for a dignified old age distorts all kinds of policy, pushing otherwise decent people to block high-density housing because increasing housing supply decreases the value of their assets.

It sets parents to war against their children, who have to compete for the dwindling supply of available housing, or rent under conditions that favor landlords.


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@jbauer Oh yeah, I agree.

But I also recall similarly large outages in the recent cloud era. Like for a day we couldn't get our work (Outlook 365) e-mails because "Microsoft isn't working". There was a Google one a bit later too.

@jbauer I wouldn't mind betting this is a common occurrence. Software updates may be good for security but they may also break assumptions in the rest of the system.

(Also not surprising because the world runs on software and the most of the software is crap)

@SplitShockVirus I don't pay for any of those things. I do Patreon -> my fediverse admin so they can stay afloat, plus to some youtubers who I like their stuff (but that bypasses youtube itself)

@jbauer This is one of the only arguments for a "smart appliance" I can think of - a kettle boiled desktop notification

On my walk today a big friendly dog (probably labrador or golden retriever) ran to me and jumped up with its paws on my chest

@jbauer Only by working as a team can the Optiplexes defeat the Decepticons

People tell me at work that the new generation are born with computers and they are just natives to them and know how to do everything

When I tell them that it's not true and that they just know how to use a phone they get mad like " :/ "
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