@jhol Normally just atmospheric scattering and haze when near the horizon, same reason the Sun goes red. Now if it was red when high up, that would be odd (unless it was full and could be eclipsed, which it wasn't last night)

While out there I could see Mars, Saturn and Jupiter and realised that in the Northern hemisphere you'll never see planets in the north because you're looking "uphill" towards the pole and away from the plane of the solar system

I also scared the beach deer, they made that sneezing sound deer make when running away

Went for a walk on the beach at midnight (low tide!) and saw the Moon rise. A very deep red slightly less than a crescent. Moon rises happen without any warning, it just appears

If you remove "background-color:black" from that page, the graphics render transparently on top of the site background texture, which is kind of funny

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China is now blocking all encrypted HTTPS traffic that uses TLS 1.3 and ESNI - redd.it/i6ceco

If the Moon wasn't in a roughly circular orbit and was just this 2000-mile diameter rock moving around on its own, people would think it dangerous

@jbauer Twitter UI screw-ups have become like a comforting constant of nature

I picked up chicken wings for lunch but interestingly they had their dine-in area open too

I had some progress on a calculation on Friday afternoon but now it's the weekend, which means I'm in the odd situation of looking forward to using Cauchy's integral formula on Monday

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