"massive amounts of computing power spent creating permanent databases of impermanent consumer goods"
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@EricZhang456 I think SDL (1 or 2) might have some commands that let you render directly to the framebuffer without going through X, Wayland or OpenGL

@sjb @norm This software is by Cellebrite and *cannot* decrypt messages even if they are taken from your phone, unless you phone is in the unlocked state.

Signal messages are encrypted on-device.

This article has been around for a while and doesn't know what it's talking about. It's the same as saying you've broken encryption because someone left their phone unlocked and walked away.

Nothing has been broken, I assure you.

@inference @norm OK thanks that's good to know.

Yes, reading messages off the phone's screen doesn't count as breaking encryption 😀

Apparently Intel is eating a certain amount of humble pie regarding the Aurora supercomputer being late
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@inference @norm Thanks! I saw some articles questioning certain things behind-the-scenes with Signal a few months back (can't find them now, maybe a red herring)

@SplitShockVirus I should remember to check it more often. I got it originally because I was trying to root my phone and obviously that wouldn't be allowed on the Play Store

@niloc @glynmoody If Google Drive becomes unusable, don't use Google Drive

@EricZhang456 How does that work? Does ffplay produce a video window without going through a window manager?

@inference @norm Which one (if any) of the messengers is considered to be secure at the moment? I signed up for Signal a while ago

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