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@EricZhang456 @retroedgetech What happens if you set up HTTPS on a nonstandard port? Could I access it with https://your.domain:12345?

Feels like I'm just starting to notice the evenings getting lighter

I skewed my tomato and onion soup a bit more towards onion and added curry powder - result is pretty good!

@flutergork Maybe your VPN comes out in Russia? Same happens with Tor exits

What seems like a scale-accurate orbit simulation of JWST's "halo orbit" around L2

@norm Until about a year ago you could get around Bloomberg's by pressing "view source" 😆

Anyway, I've been looking into Reuters and Politico instead, they seem to have more free articles

@jbauer Later you'll receive the arms, and the head for your mech desk

@norm NVidia is one of those "we've got market leading products so let's be as proprietary as possible" companies I don't like

After looking at a few papers and physics stackexchange questions, it seems there is some disagreement amongst gravity physicists about this...

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@norm Just noticed this site where they try to re-render PDFs into one-column webpages, however it doesn't completely work

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