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Last night I saw a spider wandering around my desk, thought "that won't do any harm, I'll leave it alone". Then a few minutes later I drank from my mug of water...

Wow, there's a new VR headset on the market Wasn't expecting this (thought Valve was using the Vive)

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Crazy Taxi... 🚕
with a bus... basically Crazy Bus... 🚌
but with some added snake mechanic 🐍
since the bus grows when collecting passengers 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌

Crazy Snake Bus
or rather "Snakeybus" (by @[email protected])

👉May 2019 = Steam:


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It's been as the 1st month of produces 5 candidate events! Are they merging or maybe even a -BH first detection? @[email protected] and @[email protected] teams are chasing down the answers! (ps the @[email protected] image was v cool too)


I took the battery out when I left home today, can't say I regret it. I still have a home phone, outgoing calls from anywhere if I want them, and no chance of it distracting me while driving

"Let's not open that PDF in native Adobe Reader [which is already bloatware but let's gloss over that], let's open it in the web browser". White screen, nothing renders. Wow, advanced computing.

I don't know by what measure silicon valley think computers are better now than 10 years ago. Everything is crappy and unresponsive when it works in a web browser.

I don't know by what measure silicon valley thing computers are better now than 10 years ago. Everything is crappy and unresponsive when it works in a web browser.

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We pulled a prank and flew a UFO over London many years ago (called Virgin Galactic Airways) – now we’re flying spaceships for real @[email protected]


Marvel also has an increasing number of "what they just glossed over would have made a more interesting film than the highlights reel I'm watching" moments.

I thought Iron Man 1 was so good because it showed all the intermediate stages on the journey.

How phone location data is collected and used: (summary: they collect everything and sell it to 3rd parties for marketing; there are no protections)

Just saw Avengers Endgame - it's good (and doesn't feel as long as 3 hours) but is mainly finishing up what's been seen before, rather than introducing new ideas

"Hmm why is there no file here that matches otter* in filename search?" <-- was looking in a directory called "Geese"

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