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Giving it a vertical orbit bump spreads put the horizontal oscillations

dQx/dE approaches a singularity as E -> 39--38.5MeV, so the beam is folded back on itself multiple times

CBETA at 55MeV, 49MeV energy gain in the linac (in theory this could get to top energy in 3 turns rather than 4)

They're experimenting with changing CBETA's energy: 42->40MeV in this case, the beam orbit is below

When my work logon thing tries to geolocate me in the middle of the Long Island Sound, it says I'm in "The Bronx, NY"

When the cloud goes down, everything goes down

If The Sun has realised it's a massive single point of failure...
1. What the heck are silicon valley smoking right now?
2. China and Russia's cybermilitary have a nice easy job

This seems quite a lot snappier actually. Currently using 8.2/16.0GB so must have been right on the edge

You can verify or refute the "plot twist" above with some web searches, though. Real world news is a bit harder but the experts - journalists - can do it ("Facebook's algorithm" isn't an expert)

Plot twist: maybe those fake videos don't exist and the thread was constructed as a educational example of why you shouldn't trust news from social media unless backed up by a "bricks and mortar" news organisation?

Human gullibility, explored for fun and profit

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Facebook fake content: This video on Facebook has 6.5 million views and 110,000 likes in 7 hours. 30 thousand people are watching it right now. It is totally fake. 1/


I do not know why I woke up full of energy at 5:30am on a Sunday. You can guarantee that tomorrow when I need to get up at 7:30 it won't be easy

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Here's a neat visualization.

👉Note that each color stacks up to make a square of dimension 1x1x1, 2x2x2, 3x3x3, ..etc.


I just saw a mourning dove chasing away a bluejay (I didn't think the pecking order was that way around)

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