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Someone had a whole family of 6-7 deer in their front garden as I was driving home

Spent the day with volunteers showing this (and a few other things) on the lab open day

There's a WIRED article in 2019 that seems surprised that "the videogame aesthetic has flowed into culture". There have been three Tomb Raider films by this point, one (soon two) Doom films, two Angry Birds films...

Everyone should learn about one-time pad encryption. It is unbreakable. You can implement it with a cardboard decoder wheel. Requires meeting in person once to set up channel

Reprographics is where you go to use the telefaxinator

German colleague planned to visit UK over Oct-31 and asked what if Brexit happened while he was there. I said he might get stuck inside the Irish backstop. He did not find this funny

Was looking at CPU usage and just noticed this - 56 days uptime!

Need Outlook, Word and Latex plugins to ensure my text is Rees-Mogg compliant

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