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Just saw Angel has Fallen. Liked it. Really good action pieces (without obvious computer graphics). Good thriller plot.

Chromium grows by over 10,000 lines of code per day.

How often do you think security vulnerabilities are introduced at that pace?

How do we write secure software? Is it by writing giant applications with endlessly growing scope? Here's another idea: set a finish line and fucking stop when you get there. And don't make software which does everything in the first place.

If you don't mark a coordinate system on your component, data will be taken in an arbitrary one

Someone from the Event Horizon Telescope came and gave a talk at the laboratory. The Milky Way BH is apparently a work in progress (but secret for data integrity reasons) and they have funding to add 10 more sites (on Earth) and vague plans for 4 in LEO.

What about Worcester or Kingston Bagpuize (which I still don't pronounce correctly)

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Never would have occurred to me that Frome was difficult to pronounce, but on the other hand I was born near there

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