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A card sent from the UK on Dec 14th arrived here Jan 2nd!

2. I climbed what I thought was a tall lighthouse but it had an enclosed castle bailey on top. Some ducks were nesting in the wrong place and had to be moved. There were also plastic kites that would hover for 3 days based on water evaporation.

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Last night I had a couple of odd dreams...
1. I was in my old flat in the UK's bedroom, except the whole thing was a train carriage. I thought it was disused, but then I heard water dripping off a bridge in a distance, it came in through my roof window as the train moved along.

I found this mug with ducks' heads on it in the back of a cupboard

Microphones are vulnerable to laser attack -
Smarter Every Day demonstrates controlling devices via laser, even through a window.

I just pointed a red and a blue laser, of roughly equal apparent brightness, up into the sky at night. The red one you could not see a "beam" at all but the blue one you could see it extending all the way to the sky. Maybe this is because blue is scattered more by the air?

In sci-fi battles when they show bolts of "plasma" or similar being fired, they don't show what happens if it misses. Does it go on forever? Does it fizzle out, or gradually defocus? We don't see anyone being hit by a mildly annoying diffuse plasma.

Various options for in-space propulsion: chemical, ion engines, nuclear-powered...

Adam just posted the first electrons getting to the 6MeV dump screen after going around all 4 up, 4 down linac passes in CBETA

Now they've detected a tiny signal of some 42MeV beam (final loop) getting through

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Beam just went through the 6th pass (of 7) in the CBETA fixed-field arc. Energies are 42, 78, 114, 150, 114, 78 and the last two's orbits are plotted below

It would be great if passive RFID got good enough to tag all reusable components and assemblies in e-waste

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