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Suppose you want to simulate _all_ the particles in your bunch. How much RAM would that be at 128 bytes/particle?
1pC = 6.24 million particles = 762MB
1nC = 6.24 billion particles = 744GB
1uC = 6.24 trillion particles = 727TB

Colourful birds today in my garden: a red cardinal and a red-bellied woodpecker

I wonder if any movie studio is going to take the plunge and release a streaming-only film in the next couple of months without going through the (now closed) cinemas first?

My mum is sensibly cancelling card making classes and other gatherings with older people

Synthesis, structure and computational drug search for Coronavirus using synchrotron light source (particle accelerator)

How to read marketing buzzphrases:
"choice" = most products not fit for purpose
"customised for you" = opaque pricing structure
"protect" = business model is a racket
"constantly innovating" = monopoly

That Dr Who episode is one of those ones that's quite fun to watch but totally unravels the more you think about it

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