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Really hot and sticky out during the day, I'm only walking at 9pm at night

Program that creates approximations to a desired resistance using a limited set of resistor values

Proton decay is so slow that we could restore the mass of the Earth even with current accelerator technology

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If you're worried about proton decay destroying all matter in the universe, given enough energy you can create protons again from just leptons in a particle accelerator

Bats and fireflies on my walk this evening, including one firefly in my garden

So LEP shuts down in 2000 at 104.5GeV per beam. Then we get a Higgs factory operating around 2048 at 125GeV per beam, that's a long time to adjust your beam energy by 20% (although we did have to discover the Higgs in 2012)

Forgot to write "malloc" somewhere in my code, so I casted the number of bytes I wanted into a pointer. No wonder it crashed

Went out trying to see the Vega-Deneb-Altair "summer triangle" and also ended up seeing a big orange shooting star with a visible brownish debris tail

Last night I dreamt that I had pet gerbils again but some of them had got out of the cage to the extent that more were living in my house than in the cage

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