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Markets + government regulation can achieve things that neither sector can do on their own

TWO rabbits in my garden now, the smaller one eating weeds from my lawn

Saw another raccoon crossing the road on tonight's walk

I just figured out how to select and drag two tabs at the same time in Firefox, feel like a power user now

Existential horror 

This is how you make an array of function pointers in C

Saw an orange crescent moon setting on my walk this evening

Noticed a repeated up-slope on my RAM usage, indicative of a memory leak, it's one of Firefox's threads, I kill it, the Twitter tab dies, I'm not surprised

Always have n^2+1 people in a video meeting so the other n^2 people tile nicely on the screen

NB: this only applies when the project takes a fixed amount of time/resources and you just get to choose how ambitious it is. E.g. if the time taken also scales with x, you're better off banking reliable incremental progress in as finely-grained a way as possible.

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This value of x actually corresponds to a probability of success of 1/e ~ 36.8%. In other words, in this model, most efficient technological progress is made by failing about 63% of the time.

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Suppose you take a technological step of size "x" and that the probability of success decays as e^-kx. Then the "bang for buck" is xe^-kx, which has a maximum (at x=1/k).

OOF! And they were saying the 10nm delays were an anomaly [Intel's 7nm process] RT

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