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I am cleaning my house by sucking spiders into a tube

@jhol I started to make an ActivityPub profile and output stream for my local server: although I don't really know how to test it yet

Oh. I thought it was just a close approach so saw Mars near the Moon but didn't wait for it to go behind

I've been watching the local KFC that closed gradually turn into a Starbucks: different coloured paint, light fixtures outside, awnings on windows...

Cut down some weeds in the garden, plus a few that were actually turning into trees

Remains of solar flares contribute to triggering earthquakes via electrical currents in the ground

The Facebookening of Oculus 

Oculus: "We're going to be requiring you to have a Facebook account to use our stuff."
Germany: "Ahem."
Oculus: "We are *entirely voluntarily* halting sales in Germany..."

A couple of hours ago the Moon appeared less than a finger's width away form Mars and right now they are less than a Moon diameter apart

I feel like I keep having to write abstraction layers to deal with the deteriorating usability of the OpenGL API (and Vulkan is only going to be worse).

There's a command to easily draw a triangle? Let's remove it and make the developer move bytes around instead.

Rabbit in my garden, which didn't seem to care I was out there refilling the bird food

Fortunately in the bonnet of my car not in the interior, although I've noticed a couple of ants making it onto the dashboard

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I found ants building a nest in my car. They were taking little white grubs in there

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