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📢 What is this called?

UK: megaphone
US: loud hailer
me: "foghorn"

I assume it's so children can't turn it on, if you give your children lasers to play with, and they don't know how keys work

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"why have I got so many lasers?"
"why does this laser have an ignition key?"

Also agree with the thread. Part of the "problem with social media" is exactly that it's being taken too seriously, both as a source of news and as an indicator of people's character. It hasn't got the internal workings to do either of those things accurately.


Remembering that a PC can be a game console, a TV and a video phone as well as a productivity machine, of course

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I get the feeling (and our homes in general) sorely need low-latency wireless video transmission. No wires on the headset, or just a home with a load of screens all running off the same central computer

@jhol Have you ever had a tool that embeds source code into an executable e.g. via a string. I've seen reasons for having the source code available in a string at run-time (reflection), which could also overlap with a general "open source" application of always being able to extract the source code files from an EXE

You can use the gcc -M switch to list all the files included by a file being compiled, so in theory should be able to make a script to automatically create an archive of all source required by a project

Unfortunately the incentives on tech companies right now are to remove as many capabilities from the user as possible so they can sell them back as a subscription service via the

/#CSS image resizing article (found by @g ). Lots of features here, including several I didn't know about.


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