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Because of the extensive use of AI, Google searches are no longer a read operation, they're a write operation. Just type things you want into Google and they'll appear in the search suggestions, then the internet, then pretty soon the real world

Irony of the day: breaking a chunk of ice crust off my car window and using it as an ice scraper

Moore's Law stops when transistors sizes reach 0nm

Kind of clever they're relaying the signal via MRO now

I like that Twitter has an "I don't like this ad" button. I keep it in reserve for ads that strike me as particularly stupid. If you over-use the button, the button becomes meaningless, of course.

Of course NY state screw this up by saying they are "decoupling" from the federal calculation and introducing an entirely new form to list the differences between the federal adjustments and NY's adjustments

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I notice the IRS fixed the thing where, because I was taking the standard deduction, charitable donations weren't subtracted from my tax. This year you can subtract up to $300

The latest SpaceX rocket landing missed the drone ship, but all the video feed shows is three seagulls on the landing pad and the sky glowing orange and suddenly going black. The seagulls are mildly surprised but soon land again

I've posted this so many times before, but BitTorrent > Bitcoin

one aims to preserve ownership through inefficiency, the other enables sharing in the most efficient way possible

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