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When placing the goose doormat, the geese should be orientated to face the oncoming intruders I mean guests

I heard you like planes so we stuck two planes together to make a larger plane

"The tallest to have ever lived (since records began) known as 'Long Boi.' He lives on the campus of the University of York, England. He stands just over 1m tall (3.5ft)."

RT @[email protected]: software that uses floating-point has go to in the Program Files (x87) directory

Procrastinated editing some C code for so long that the solution is burned into my brain and I ended up doing it on 2nd monitor while watching TV on the 1st

This morning, couldn't get at my e-mail, asked IT, they said it was a known issue that our vendor is aware of. That is, Microsoft 365 breaking our e-mail again

The rabbit appearing often means my lawn needs mowing soon

The full is very bright and low in the sky this evening, it's quite weird walking in the garden with this illumination


The US 2020 census caused the number of representatives for each state to be changed slightly (out of 435 total):

@jbauer @sjb would searx be any good maybe? big instances get cut off frequently, but smaller ones seem to survive pretty good.
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