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Internet was down for a couple of hours here, mowed the lawn and went to the supermarket. It's useful to have a variety of odd jobs to do at times like that...

Some suggestion of supersonic passenger planes (Mach 1.7, still slower than concorde)

If you're thinking "maybe it's time to check my backups are working", it's time to check your backups are working.

Mine had been uploading 0 byte files because either Windows FTP or my server host had changed in some subtle way. Fixed now.

Wing with no plane that's powered by the Sun

Plane with no wings that's powered by the Moon

There's a one-eyed squirrel eating the bird seed off the ground

""Here" "Here1" "Here2" "Shouldn't come here""

submitted by Lumpy-Measurement-55

"Axiom's 'precursor missions' prepare the way for the launch and integration to the ISS Harmony node of the Axiom Station modules beginning in 2024. By 2028, Axiom Station will be ready to detach [...]"

i can no longer recommend a web browser.
i can only recommend going outside

Me: You cannot fit three large male #rats inside that tissue box!


A large unexpected package came with some lawn chairs in it. My address but different name. Turns out it's been going back and forth to Amazon multiple times, none of the addresses are right.

Bought some weird Kit-Kats: key lime pie and mocha chocolate

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