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Amazon's lobbying effort to erode laws, especially with regard to Alexa devices (voice recordings etc.)

Companies keep putting the internet in things that shouldn't have the internet in them 🦴💀🦴

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I imagine the headlines on the day will say something about it being "already priced in"

Irregular reminder that Apple is a piece of shit company :flan_thumbs:

Apple self-driving car to have perfect safety, if used inside walled garden

Anyone over 18 in NY can get a booster vaccine if enough time has passed since their first shots:

" will intentionally crash the DART spacecraft into an to see if that is an effective way to change its course"


Looks like it's cloudy and drizzling here until 4am, so probably won't see the lunar eclipse

I'm going to do the laundry. Thursday evening is a good time because I can tell myself it won't overlap the weekend this way

Honestly, they both seem like fear porn catering to people who have no plans to leave the house, with advice that 95% of travelers will completely ignore. But I guess you have to publish the advice that people who click on advice columns want to see.
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My credit card statement says "amount outstanding" so I must be doing something right

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