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This jet lag hasn't exactly made me tired, but bits of my brain aren't working, so I tried to say "cold" instead of "dark" and "linux" instead of "hummus"

The personal carbon footprint was invented by an oil company to shift blame onto consumers so it really is bullshit that we as individuals try to save the planet by using less straws


Going to try to run Teams inside Edge inside Linux

Had my credit card entered to see the Matrix film but then I read the reviews; going to Spiderman instead. Guess I dodged a bullet there

I was wondering if viruses weaken over time because human interaction increases with how well the person feels, so it actually wants you to go to parties

Honestly when I heard them talking about FP64 = 1/16 FP32 (and even worse ratios for other cards), I thought the GPU wouldn't be worth it for FP64

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OK, the CPU here is single threaded! (5900X would have 12/24 threads otherwise) But still a sizeable benefit from the GPU even in double precision

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It appears I'm getting a 150x FP64 speedup, GPU vs. CPU, using OpenCL, on a program that calls trig functions a lot, which seems way higher than I'd have guessed

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It's odd that downloading the same paycheck twice from the work Oracle system yields a PDF with different amounts of money on it, but I'm just appending 'wtf' to the end of the 2nd file's name

Jobs with mandatory home working are a big disbenefit: you have to subtract the cost of office space in your home (like: 25% of your rent) from the pay

Drinking tea and coffee and going through 2 weeks of e-mails that came in while I was on holiday

I like RSS because it's a "pull only" social protocol. And if you think about it, you can do almost everything worth doing with pulling and regular polling, which means no 'federation' arguments except for low-level banning of DoS etc.

They have a bottle deposit in NY but I never bother to bring them to the thing that gives me the deposit back: they get recycled with my other household stuff


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