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This seems to be the "big meccano" everyone uses, just bought a couple of lengths to play with

Found these sweets I hadn't seen before in the dollar store, apparently they have a long history:

I expand the Twitter sidebar to find out what is important in their collective opinion...
> ex-reality TV star is selling farts as NFTs
This is why you don't use the algorithmic timeline, folks.

Local credit union finally got around to issuing wireless debit cards

So what do I do if my GPU is only slightly faster than my CPU? Split the task to run on both?

Also, zooming into the Mandelbrot set until I see pixels and the flipping the switch confirms the processors have different rounding modes

That ratio seems to climb to about 15x for single precision

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It seems the RX 580 is about twice as fast as my Ryzen 5900X *in double precision* for the test I'm doing...

Honestly I don't think voice assistants will ever be good, but how they work less well than a speech-to-text commandline interface perplexes me

@norm I found what that hair bun in the bottom left of your avatar is attached to

Saw the new Spiderman film, it was a bit hectic but had some pretty funny interactions between the characters (committed Spiderman nerds would probably enjoy it more than I did)

Argh! My graphics card crash in OpenCL was because:
(i) I hadn't limited the number of iterations in my Mandelbrot by not even writing iters<maxiters in the loop
(ii) I made "maxiters" a double not an int and passed it as an int, causing corruption
The dumb bugs are worst...

Ah, 64-bit instruction set doesn't even have a FSIN/FCOS command - it uses a C library on top of SSE2, whereas perhaps 32-bit mode uses the old x87 hardware command

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Double-precision trig functions in C seem to be 1.5x slower when compiling for 64-bit environment than with 32-bit, dunno why

Occasionally the order of to-do lists matters, but the plan of "do whatever isn't blocked by another task, repeatedly" also works

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