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Got my $5.29 petrol just now. Although the "US Mart" that's only accessible from one side of the highway is still $4.95

If your projects don't hit bureaucratic or regulatory obstacles at least 50% of the time, you're not being creative enough

My mum found this sign for a business making wooden duck decoys

I encountered an ".heic" file in an attachment. Windows told me to pay 99 cents for the codec 😆

The Jacow Latex template doesn't work straight off for me in MikTex. I had to switch to the v2.7 "testing" version of jacow.cls to clear a "keeplastbox" error and then run the magic command
initexmf --mkmaps
to fix a font error.

Paramedics in England are being trained to use 3D-printed jet suits to reach stranded casualties.

Some "infrastructure law" initiatives on battery manufacturing have made it all the way through to the funding call stage (with $3.1B in this case)

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