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France vs Germany:

Germany forsook Nuclear energy, and is has now re-opened otherwise closed-down Coal-fired power plants.

But this is TV. It has higher resolution than real life

Just had a video meeting with Melbourne where it's Wednesday morning there but Tuesday evening here

did you know those pixel amonguses popularized by /r/place tile the plane

Haha oops, I was using it the wrong way round. I should have expanded the plunger so it fills with clean water then *push* that down the drain, rather than sucking out of the drain. Now I did that, the slow flow problem is fixed

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We might be seeing a class of "slow" computing technology changes (HDD -> SSD was pretty slow too) now that many fast ones have finished

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I've now got two offers on Twitter by spam bots offering help to fix my 3D printer to not be a teleporter

Last night I dreamt a 3D printer got "hacked" (by aliens or future people or something) and become a teleporter terminal. First half a rat and a piece of copper materialised. Then two live rats. Then a group of strange fast-moving humanoids with bulbous eyes

So I bought something off Amazon called "Luigi's Plunger". Filled the sink with hot water and gave it a go. It worked *too* well: decades of mould, dirt and hair filled the sink and flew all over me and the bathroom floor. Then I had to ladle the muck out of the sink...

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Last week I knocked a glass off my table but caught it in mid-air. I learnt that suddenly stopping the glass from moving does not stop the liquid from moving and in fact sprays it all over the wall

Didn't know the US now has a "dial 988" service for suicide/crisis counselling. Number worth remembering in case you or someone you meet is in trouble:

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