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A rabbit ran away while I was using the loud petrol mower

Me [narrating]: "the rabbit doesn't like this sort of thing"

Lolol. "The exploit is present any time anyone writes a piece of software that works by providing a hard-coded set of prompt instructions and then appends input provided by a user," Willison told Ars. "That's because the user can type 'Ignore previous instructions and (do this instead).'"

Had two coffees again today, had so much energy I went out for an hour's walk at night

@jbauer @mikael s screenshot of "i am drinking ideology" with the Apple iOS text messaging bubbles is pretty strong.

My niece was in Wales looking at universities and saw the King drive past!

Try to have at least 2 viable options for each piece of software you use, for example Excel <-> LibreOffice Calc

BTW that USB ports poll...
Twitter 235 followers 1 vote
Fediverse 107 followers 20 votes
...I guess you can tell which platform has more real engagement

Had 2nd coffee in the afternoon today, for some reason tea didn't appeal

Now I had to rescue it twice more, it sat on the floor wet and looking dead... but now it's climbed up and alive

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Outsourcing of responsibility. The following procedure will be followed:

1. Say "it's not our fault it's Microsoft"
2. Microsoft does nothing

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