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An unconstructable still life in Conway's Game of Life:

The configuration shown in the link is stable (if its boundary is stabilized appropriately) but, if it appears in any pattern, it must always have been that way, in all predecessors of the pattern. As such, it answers the question "can every still life be constructed by gliders?" negatively.

Simulation of the Earth and Sun's motion as seen from the lunar South pole

Tried anchovies and pesto on one side of my pizza, that's pretty good

Americans, what is the difference between a "drink" and a "beverage"? I don't understand why you invented a second, longer word for the same thing

I think we need to think more about what constitutes a "security alert" when I get three of them for just using my account normally

This evening I'm walking over to the 3D printer and pressing "print" every half hour because single-part prints work more reliably than multi-part ones

Bought one of these folding Bluetooth keyboards and it just arrived - pretty cool! I want to use it with the Raspberry Pi

How big a home battery do you need to not have to connect to the electricity grid at all? Presumably no "grid access fee" if there's no grid access


I kind of reserved a week to do something but did it in an hour thanks to software with:
- Saved settings
- An optimiser with graphical display
- Automatic generation of documents/drawings
Having a spreadsheet that logged previous design attempts also helped

There's a shortcut on my system that refers to the correct place, but as a network path. If I travel through that shortcut and don't notice, then run a program, a lot of file handling stuff suddenly doesn't work

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