Should i change the profile picture of @NeppyBot ?

Nepgear in cute stuff is... cute but i'm sure there must be something cuter.

Maybe i should post here more often 🤔

So for those how haven't saw this earlier, @NeppyBot hasn't posted anything since August 23rd.

Don't worry, I'm not shutting down the bot, I didn't loose any of the code base and/or the pictures.
The vm that was hosting the bot was on a host that we shut down for good August 25th.
The vm has been moved to a new host, but we are kinda slow on ram to let it run, so the vm is actually powered off.

So as soon as I re-up this vm, everything will start again.
Should be in the next couples days ^^'

@NeppyBot Also thx for the message @dielan :)

I'm kind of proud now :') (even if the code for the bot is kinda crap)

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Sometimes I just go see the mentions on @NeppyBot and die from laughing.

Hmmm @aeris ?

Normal le gros bandeau rouge sur ton blog ?

C'était pas la avant si mes souvenirs sont bons x)

With scp with direct peering (DO-Hetzner) i have like 15MB/s

With Veeam 1MB/s

But if i do a iPerf on a VM that is on the host : 112MB/s

I just... Wtf... ?

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ESXi management network is so slow... wtf...

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