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Être libriste c'est vraiment être végétarien de l'informatique.

J'ai l'impression de faire chier tout le monde alors que je veux juste que MOI, personnellement, je n'ai pas à utiliser des outils moisis
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Le PXE de rescue d'ovh, c'est... lent...

How a personal project will (probably) never be successful :

> Invite people to try it
> People are coming one by one, but since there is nobody yet, they quit
> Repeat over and over

@NeppyBot Also don't hesitate to PR on the repo to add pics :)

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I added some pics to @NeppyBot will be in the repo probably tomorrow.

Hey guys, do you know a cheap hosting service who do dedicated server but with a minimum of graphical performance ? (A GT710 or equivalent is way enough)
There is the Agile S from Ikoula, but it's out of my actual budget, especially in the long term...

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