Nooooo, deleted my verified emote :(

If Twitter indeed does this, expect to see me using Mastodon a lot more.

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2020 began on January 1st.
In 6 months, we've had:
- a WWIII scare
- coronavirus
- murder hornets
- a major societal breakdown
- antifa declared a "terrorist organization"
We're only halfway through the year.

haha lol lmao look guys blue checkmark im really verified lol mastodon funny moments 2020 haha

It's these kinds of stupid "concepts" which lead me to believe that the technology industry is slowly moving backwards.

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@Dee it is time to .crime

for all your illegal crime websites!

Am I the only one who doesn't understand why some things become so popular that they generate a cult following? Like, I never understood why some animated television programs like Adventure Time become as popular as they are, meanwhile there's a whole community fanboying/fangirling over it like crazy.
I can't be the only one, right?


I've heard a lot about folding PCs recently...
Guess what, folding PCs already exist! They're called "laptops". :blobderpy:

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Hey #Mastodon! I #refurbished an old #Nintendo DS Lite this weekend. The hinge was broken. What do you think about the result? I am quite pleased with it! 👌🏻

Haven't even been on here for half a day and already I despise people who put ✅ in their usernames. Do they think it'll get them attention?

I guess this is the part where I introduce myself.
Here we go.

Hi, my name is Ciel. You may know me as sks316 on most places. If you recognize my username, you've likely seen me on Twitter, Discord, or GBAtemp.
As shown by my bio, I'm a trans girl and brony/pegasister who loves to post all kinds of stuff to my profile. Also memes.

So... This is interesting. Never used a decentralized social network before.
Let's see what happens from here.


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