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Sergio Lopez

Started watching Salvation, but I just couldn't stand it's ridiculously bad science.

Another sci-fi series discarded. Sigh...

PTO is when my Pebble is replaced by a Casio, and notifications stay silently unattended in my phone.

The only useful blockchain.

Estoy positivamente sorprendido con la profundidad que le han dado a las mecánicas del Mario Tennis Aces.

En la práctica, es un juego de lucha con raquetas de tenis.

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@kaniini welcome to "XMPP got better but the only good client is on Android and Pidgin is calcified in 2011"

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Looks like there is even more competition on the homebrew console market now. This one looks pretty nice: powerful and affordable.

And the best part is that the library I wrote for µGame should work on it without modifications.

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We're back!

In case you are wondering why we'd disable #HyperThreading on a server, check out the #OpenBSD commit message

Or the article by El Reg:

I'm Speculating(tm), but expect further news about problems in those areas...

Excellent article about the risk of testing self-driving cars on the road.

"Fatalities vs False Positives: The Lessons from the Tesla and Uber Crashes"

People, I'm _whole_ saying that 1998 Microsoft is 2018 Microsoft. But you need to see the _whole_ picture to guess how Microsoft will be in 2028. Doing otherwise is just foolish.

Looks like some people, specially the younger ones, are unaware of Microsoft's ill relationship with Free Software. Let me remind you about the Halloween Documents:

"Damn, this centralized tool with paid premium features we blindly rely on has been bought by Microsoft, so let's move to this other centralized tool with paid premium features."

See, that's why we can't have nice things on the Internet.

If you're thinking about moving away from GitHub, please consider going self-hosted. With software like Gogs is super-simple (and cheap on resources) and you'll be honoring the original decentralized spirit of Internet.

I really hope someone eventually releases a reasonably standardized platform for mobile phones, so it can be supported by mainline kernel and upstream components. Perhaps the iMX8 will become that thanks to the Librem 5?

Spent I while playing with @UBports and @postmarketOS sources on a Nexus 5. It's been a great learning experience.

I know is more a matter of taste than anything else, but I honestly can't understand why so many sysadmis and devs seem to be in love with macOS.

Performance wise, Windows is better at 3D, and GNU/Linux at well... almost everything else.

The desktop was amazing 15 years ago, but today feels outdated compared with GNOME3 or Plasma (not that I care a lot about this, being an i3 user)

And it's probably the worse UNIX out there, which was kinda expected since Apple doesn't care much about this.

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The failure modes of 2FA are:
1) People don't use it
2[...]147) People don't use it
148) Lost authenticators

I don't see how blockchain addresses any of the real issues. This seems like a thinly disguised attempt to push a crap ponzi-coin.

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Hey @eff, now that the "FUD-clickbait-embargo" period is over, could you update that?