One thing I like about from Firecracker, is that it doesn't even try to emulate a PC, it just implements the minimum amount of features that Linux needs to boot up.

I'm considering creating a QEMU machine type that uses the same strategy.

Well, it's official, I *hate* Cargo.lock files.

Yikes. The i.MX8 is the core of the Librem phone.

"The i.MX8 cannot be deblobbed"

People cheering at incremental, conservative hardware upgrades for niche products. 🤷‍♀️

Even though they barely mention it, this is an excellent showcase of the amazing performance Linux KVM (and QEMU!) provides these days.

Today I wrote a bunch of Rust code, which compiled of the first attempt.

I should be happy, but instead I can't shake the feeling that I somehow broke the compiler.

Editor-in-chief of @linuxjournal Doc Searls on a sort-of erosion of #FreeSoftware principles within the broader #Linux (as commonly named) and #OpenSource Software community: We Need to Save What Made Linux and FOSS Possible 👉🏻

I haven't done it yet because I'd need like 4-6 hours for a full migration, but I'll definitely switch to @teamsilverblue 30 + @FlatpakApps + @flatkvm as soon as I have the opportunity.

Yes, @mozilla makes mistakes (same as the rest of us humans). And yes, their last one was ugly. But, still, they're the only ones in the browser business trying to do the right thing. So I'll keep using Firefox, Focus, Send, and the rest of cool software they produce.

Gracias a S08E03 he descubierto dos cosas:

1. No tengo ninguna pantalla en casa que lidie bien con las escenas oscuras.

2. La aplicación de Movistar, además de ser una pesadilla a nivel de UX, ofrece una calidad de streaming paupérrima (y no permite configurarlo).

"What do we say to the God of Buffer Overflows?"

"Not today."

BTW, hoy escribo pero no leo Twitter ni Mastodon. Es la única manera de evitar los spoilers...

Mozilla pays its CEO a 7 figure salary but it's moving to Discord's Recaptcha as a security model because it can't afford to hire anyone in all of Silicon Valley who knows how to set up SASL on an IRC server, or explain how IRC works without yelling "fuck" every other sentence.

About Endgame, no spoilers.

Epicness overdose. A tribute to superhero movies. Go watch it.

A pretty conservative roadmap, if you ask me. And I'm *very* happy with it being that way.

"Rust's 2019 roadmap".

It is crazy the amount of surveillance we live in today.

Can I recommend some GBA jewels? 

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