Just when I was considering giving up on AOSP due to the terrible performance or the stock (unmaintained) Camera app, I've noticed I can use Google Camera after installing microG, without giving the later any kind of permission or enabling it to actually use any Google service.


@slp That said, the day Apple becomes a little less hostile to GNU/Linux (acknowledging it exists and porting iTunes would be a nice first step) I'll seriously consider switching to an iPhone.

Not a fan if their closed-source policy, but at least they have sane privacy defaults.

@slp If they weren't sane, would you even know? I think Linux/Android will improve in time.

@pj While I can't be 100% sure, Apple doesn't have an ad-centric business model. In fact, they seem quite comfortable antagonising Google here.

My two main problems with Android are:

1. AOSP is becoming smaller (relatively to the size of a stock ROM) on each release. Many apps in AOSP haven't received any significant update in years. Stock ROMs are mostly non-free software.

2. Default privacy options in stock Android are a joke.

@slp What do you think of LineageOS? I haven't used it yet.

Setting up a new Android phone is a pain, but at least some of the settings you only have to set once per Google account. (But they don't really notify you when they add new privacy settings.)

I'm curious what Blackberry comes up with since they started using Android, maybe the settings will be better. John McAfee has recommended Samsung, he has a video on YouTube where he challenges hackers to attack his phone.

@pj I was a happy LOS user for years, until a few months ago I switched to AOSP to be able to sign the ROM and use it with a locked bootloader.

I think LineageOS devs do a great job on building a decent free Android base. But, if you install Google Apps, as many of its users do, you end in pretty much the same spot as if you were running a stock ROM.

I don't know about Blackberry, but Samsung appears to be doing a decent job with Knox.

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