@Gargron I have some spare cycles, and I was thinking about implementing a (optional) Mastodon-Lightning Network integration, so users can easily tip admins and other users. Much like tippin.me or bottle.li, but decentralized, with each (opted-in) Mastodon instance acting as a tipping jar.

Would you be interested in such development? I can open an issue in GitHub to discuss it in detail.


If you have time one of the weekends, would you be interested in helping with getting GNUstep on Wayland working? I think you wrote the original patches that I couldn't get to paint the window in Weston :D

@ivan I might be able to take a look. Do you have some kind of WIP repo?

I might have it pushed somewhere, I'll take a look in the evening. If not then I have to find it on the old MacBook :)
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