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Sergio Lopez

PTO is when my Pebble is replaced by a Casio, and notifications stay silently unattended in my phone.

The only useful blockchain.

FFS, if your Autopilot is not 'perfect', perhaps you shouldn't be fucking calling it 'Autopilot'.

My new input HW. Maximum feedback with minimal hands movement.

Just received my new mechanical keyboard, great feedback and precision. The problem is that keys are a bit too high, so it's basically unusable without a palm rest (I've just bought one for TKL keyboards, arrives next week).

Google being a bro here. Kudos to them.

Most cryptocoins have been on free fall during the last 24 hours. Bitcoin has gone from $17.576 to $14.199. Will it bounce? (graph from CoinMarketCap)

Y ésta van con la versión shareware del Doom original. Al ser un WAD más pequeño, carga mucho más rápido:

Hace unos días, me dió por montar una versión para navegador del clon libre de Doom (Freedoom) con las voces de Chiquito (DEP).

Old monitor+Unused RPi+10€ speakers="SmartTV" for the kitchen cheaper and with more features than many actual SmartTVs. 😁

Tired of this unbearable iowait. Let's put some nitro on this PC.

Cleaning the house found this three great guys!