Poorly documented good crypto is undistinguishable from bad crypto.

@ivan I might be able to take a look. Do you have some kind of WIP repo?

@Gargron I have some spare cycles, and I was thinking about implementing a (optional) Mastodon-Lightning Network integration, so users can easily tip admins and other users. Much like tippin.me or bottle.li, but decentralized, with each (opted-in) Mastodon instance acting as a tipping jar.

Would you be interested in such development? I can open an issue in GitHub to discuss it in detail.

We might need to revisit this old idea that "VMs are better for isolation but slower to boot than containers" 😉

I wonder how much money Nintendo saved on R&D by relying on components already on the market for building the Switch.

This is what I've been working on over the last few days. A new machine type for QEMU, designed after Firecracker's machine model, for users looking for the minimal attack surface, fast boot time and small footprint.


I think Valve should consider distributing their official binaries as a @FlatpakApps.

Instead of relying on some firmware plus a real-mode bootloader, Firecracker sets up some basic page tables, puts the vCPUs in 64-bit protected-mode and jumps directly into Linux's entry point.

And now QEMU is able to do that too. At least in this unpublished local branch. 😜

One thing I like about from Firecracker, is that it doesn't even try to emulate a PC, it just implements the minimum amount of features that Linux needs to boot up.

I'm considering creating a QEMU machine type that uses the same strategy.

Well, it's official, I *hate* Cargo.lock files.

@schmittlauch Honestly, no idea. Let's hope it doesn't need it.

Yikes. The i.MX8 is the core of the Librem phone.

"The i.MX8 cannot be deblobbed"


People cheering at incremental, conservative hardware upgrades for niche products. 🤷‍♀️

Even though they barely mention it, this is an excellent showcase of the amazing performance Linux KVM (and QEMU!) provides these days.


Today I wrote a bunch of Rust code, which compiled of the first attempt.

I should be happy, but instead I can't shake the feeling that I somehow broke the compiler.

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