A pretty conservative roadmap, if you ask me. And I'm *very* happy with it being that way.

"Rust's 2019 roadmap". blog.rust-lang.org/2019/04/23/

It is crazy the amount of surveillance we live in today.

Can I recommend some GBA jewels? Show more

Can I recommend some GBA jewels? Show more

Can I recommend some GBA jewels? Show more

I've started with Yoshi's Island, and I'm completely amazed by the quality of the graphics and how solid the gameplay is. Probably one of the best platformers I've ever played.

This little wonder was forgotten in a drawer, and I'm using it to discover all those Gameboy Advance jewels I've missed (didn't play console videogames back in the day).

I've been trying WireGuard VPN for a while, and I have to say it's truly AMAZING. Switching between multiple WiFi networks and 4G without losing connectivity, thanks to it's mosh-like stateless UDP protocol.

The ARM panorama is as bad today as it was 5 years ago. I wanted to upgrade this RPi2, but every nice-looking option (Rock64, ODroid XU4...) has an horrible reputation of random crashes and poor support.

The only suitable option seems to be the RPi3, which is a bit underpowered.

@chuso Igual no es mala opción. En FOSDEM hay mucho nivel, pero eso quiere decir también que compites con salarios bastante altos.

@chuso No he estado nunca, pero sí que lo conocía. Así como FOSDEM y DevConf están orientados a los desarrolladores, OpenExpo es totalmente comercial. Por hay tanto fintech, blockchain y cancamusa variada.

@chuso Que la herramienta incluye un Wiki, probablemente clonado de un proyecto Software Libre, pero con los logos cambiados 😜

Me, starting to watch Final Space: "Oh, look, a silly, totally non-serious animated space comedy"

Also me, after watching chapter 6: "WHYYYYY??? 😭"

Country roaaaaads
Take me homeeeee
To the plaaaaace
I belooooong
West Virginiaaaaa
Mountain Mammaaaaa
Take me homeeeee
Country roaaaaads

This paper on a malloc() replacement that DOES COMPACTION even on C/C++ is making the rounds: arxiv.org/pdf/1902.04738.pdf

Scarily beautiful.

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