@jsalvador @slp Well, I play like 5 hours per week, so a single one will take me like half a year. πŸ˜‰

People, quick question. I'd like to play a game for Switch with good story and character development.

Xenoblade 2 or Octopath Traveler?

@sheogorath I've just gave it a try, and I could enter-leave fullscreen mode by going through in-game settings.

Anyway, this app doesn't play nice with arbitrary resolutions, so it's probably better avoiding FS and just select an appropriate resolution in the drop-down menu.

I already love flatkvm!

Let me introduce you to "Harold" the probably first train ever delivering woods in OpenTTD on flatkvm.

Things that work great: Starting OpenTTD, playing OpenTTD, entering fullscreen mode.

Things I didn't figure out yet: Leaving fullscreen mode πŸ€”

#flatkvm #OpenTTD #linux

/cc @slp

@sheogorath Thanks for the feedback! Initially Flatkvm had an option to use the same app's data as the Host, but I eventually removed it for performance (virtio-9p is *really* slow, to the point that some apps appeared to be hung) and security reasons (to avoid accidental misuse).

I guess once we switch to virtio-fs, we'll be able to add this option again (with a big, blinking, security warning πŸ˜‰).

Today I learned about gdb-dashboard.

It is a ~/.gdbinit file which will add some nice fancy bells and whistles to to our out-of-the box gdb experience.


Git "monorepos" == CVS for cool kids.

The title says Ubuntu, but it may have an impact on every distro running snapd (I've tested it on Fedora).

Yesterday was compromising containers. Today is putting systems running snapd at risk.

Make sure you're running a patched version.

CVE-2019-5736 / is a good reminder that containers still expose a significant attack surface from the Host. This is why projects like @katacontainers and @flatkvm exist.

@aminb Cool, that'd be great! I'm sending you my email via DM.

I'd like to set up a backup Mastodon account on mastodon.social. Is there some kind of formal procedure to request an invitation?

@HorlogeSkynet @x0rz @Tutanota It's always great to see more services supporting F-Droid, but a bit late for me. I'm a happy Tutanota subscriber 😁

@x0rz When I was considering alternatives to Gmail, I was tempted by ProtonMail, but didn't like their closed-source Android client.

Then I found about @Tutanota They have a GPLv3 client for Android which doesn't require GCM, and do support OTP and U2F as 2FA.

@uniq Actually, I think Zipline's tech is not only better from an ethical PoV, but also from an Engineering perspective.

It's cheaper (waaaay cheaper), simpler, easily serviceable...

What I fear the most is that this tech go full circle and become a weapon by simply replacing the payload.

IMHO, Wayland's biggest problem is that, while it brings a much need renewal to the Linux's display server stack, the *perceived* benefit from an end-user perspective is quite limited.

This means you're stuck pitching *internal* improvements to non-devs, which is a vain task.

BTW, this is another critical security issue successfully mitigated by the default SELinux policies. Looks like @rhatdan was right all along and the initial pain was worth it. πŸ˜‰

If you're running containers, make sure you have SELinux in enforcing mode (the default in RHEL) and patch your nodes.

"runc - Malicious container escape - CVE-2019-5736"



"How Rwanda Built A Drone Delivery Service"


@jsalvador AFAIK it's mainly a reaction to the overuse of JS in many sites that don't really need it, making the web more resource expensive and obfuscated.

I'm guilty myself, with my personal blog's theme using a bit of JS, but I'm too lazy to write a JS-free variant. 😜

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