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GMail's "Loading" screen feels like traveling back in time to 2004.

IBM needed change. Red Hat is a catalyst for change. Now let's give Amazon, Google and Microsoft a run for their money! πŸ’ͺ

Wandersong and Dead Cells are two great games with little in common, but I really love how the complement each other in my Switch.

Do I want some relaxed, happy storytelling gameplay? Wandersong

Do I want to some fast-paced action? Dead Cells

While I doubt I would personally use this unless it became popular first, I was pleasantly surprised by the nuance of his sentiment. The facility of english for expression of ideas without gendering the participants leaves room for improvement. I appreciate the idea of speaking without specifying gender when gender is irrelevant to the discussion. However, as it can contribute to erasure of genders not preconceived by the audience, I remain on the fence.

In case you needed just another reason to love Nintendo Labo.

Lesson learnt. Don't code a kernel patch when you're too tired to put your full attention in what your doing. It'd be a waste of time. πŸ˜“

The research paper linked here is a must read for everyone interested in OS design and implementation.

My take on Google's presentation: boring, boring, boooring, Pixel 3 takes photos, boring, Pixel 3 takes videos, boring, the end.

My first patch (still in RFC/PoC status) for . "Lightweight mechanism to kick virtio VQs". An equivalent to KVM's ioeventfd.

I've already started working on a PoC for an equivalent to ioeventfd.

This is the first time I'm coding something for OpenBSD (I think it's the only major Free OS for which I haven't written anything) so success it's not guaranteed πŸ˜‰

I'm really enjoying reading vmm/vmd code, clear and easy to follow.

I also like its privsep model, and I'm starting to wonder if it could be extended to virtio devices.

Implementing an equivalent to KVM's ioeventfd/irqfd should allow using separate processes for servicing each emulated virtio device.

@slp I'm excited about...
- The internet πŸ˜‰
- Distributed social networks
- Cryptocurrency
- Renewable energy

Apache Kafka, Distributed systems, Event-driven architectures

Honest question: for which IT projects and/or technologies are you excited?

I've been focused on kernels and virtualization (including containers) for many, many years, but lately both fields have become mostly stagnant.

@slp its my all-time-favourite-app ever!

It's not common, but sometimes the alternative client is better than the official one. And that's exactly what happens with NewPipe vs. YouTube.

Seriously, give it a try.

If you are a RealVNC user, be wary! Someone from Wuhan (China) is running a dictionary based attack against user accounts.

Be sure to use a strong password and, if possible enable 2FA.

While I do prefer Signal to WhatsApp, I don't see it as a huge improvement, other than being "Facebook-free".

On the other hand, Conversations gives me federation and the best multidevice support I've ever seen (with OMEMO encryption). And it's not tied to a phone number!

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