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Amazing talk about SiliVaccine, a North Korean (fishy) antivirus based on illegally obtained Trend Micro software code.

The nice folks behind (IMHO, the best IM service/client for Android) have released Quciksy, a variant which synchronizes contacts using your phone number (like WhatsApp).

If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look at it:

Reading AWS Firecracker's sources. I have to say this is the finest piece of Rust code I've seen so far.

I wonder how its virtio-blk implementation performs. I'll try to run some fio tests on it (probably not today).

- Busco un juego de estrategia sencillo. Encuentro el C&C: Rivals. Lo instalo.

- Primera partida, veo buenos gráficos y mecánicas interesantes.

- Termino la partida, me tiran una puñetera lootbox a la cara.

- Lo desinstalo. Buscaba un videojuego, no una tragaperras.

@sireebob i don't know of any, but here's my list:

Antennapod - podcast listening
SimpleGallery - better gallery than default android
Redreader - reddit
Davdroid/nextcloud/nextcloud notes - nextcloud wuth calendar support
Simpledraw - for simple drawing over images
K9 - email client
Openscale - weight tracking (it does other stuff too)
Your local weather - weather
Transistor - m3u/pls streaming
Tusky - fediverse

@phoe @sir @slp the new ircv3 tags try to bring these features to IRC, while keeping it as it were before. attached is a screenshot of the message-reply IRCv3 tag draft demoed in irccloud.

I've just migrated one of my personal services to a OpenBSD VPS, and I'm honestly impressed by the quality of OpenSMTDd. The first SMTP with a configuration that actually makes sense. Kudos to the devs!

Verifying that the keepass client I'm using on Android still doesn't have android.permission.INTERNET

@slp That said, the day Apple becomes a little less hostile to GNU/Linux (acknowledging it exists and porting iTunes would be a nice first step) I'll seriously consider switching to an iPhone.

Not a fan if their closed-source policy, but at least they have sane privacy defaults.

Just when I was considering giving up on AOSP due to the terrible performance or the stock (unmaintained) Camera app, I've noticed I can use Google Camera after installing microG, without giving the later any kind of permission or enabling it to actually use any Google service.

La UE debería plantearse incentivar el desarrollo de un core RISCV para mantener un grado razonable de independencia tecnológica estratégica. cc/ @astro_duque

Rosalía es el ejemplo perfecto de millenial pagando la deuda cultural española adquirida por las generaciones anteriores. Y sin complejos. 👏💃💪

La gente que se queja a la vez de las malas condiciones laborales de los científicos, y del dinero que mueven industrias como la farmacéutica, tiene un cacao mental importante.

BTW, Google broke AOSP for walleye on r16. I suspect they merged crosshatch into the tree without testing older devices.

Luckily, the workaround is simple:

rm -fr hardware/qcom/sdm845

Google's Pixel 2 is a great example of the company's bipolarity.

It's one of the few devices that allow users using their own encryption keys for AVB2 verification.

But, at the same time, this feature is barely documented. Why do they spend money on a feature only to hide it?

PSA: If while installing packages you get something like this...

"Invalid version flag: if"

...probably means you're still using YUM and the transaction contains some specification which is no longer supported by it. Switch to DNF.

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