During the family trip to Fraser's Hill, Malaysia, the family saw a large variety of moths, most of them at the doorstep of the place we stayed (attracted to the porch lights).

There are many more species of moths compared to butterflies and many remain undescribed, so here is a small sample of the moths we saw there during our stay in Nov 2018.

Added Scroll Magazine (Video Games) and Brain Mill Press (Speculative Fiction) to Libreture's list of DRM-free bookshops.

Take a look for more information and even more bookshops.


#Itchio is an online indie game shop where you can buy DRM-free games direct from their creators:


There's an optional Itch desktop app for organising your games, available for Windows, Mac and Linux:


You can follow Itch.io here:


(Another nice feature: Itch.io gives creators complete control over what proportion of a sale price goes to Itch.io. Developers can set it to 0% if they want to.)

#AlternativesAtoZ #Games #Gaming #DRMfree

The other planet names, for anyone who's curious, are:

水星 (suisei)
"water star"

金星 (kinsei)
"metal star"

火星 (kasei)
"fire star"

木星 (mokusei)
"wood star"

土星 (dosei)
"earth star"

They're written the same way in Chinese, but I don't know the Chinese pronunciations.

In Japanese, the word for Jupiter is 木星, pronounced "mokusei". It literally means "wood star" because the 5 inner planets in the Solar System (apart from Earth) are named for the 5 Chinese elements.

Another Japanese word is 木製, which is also pronounced "mokusei" but this one means "wooden" or "made from wood."

And honestly, that word kinda fits too.

Cyrtodactylus australotitiwangsaensis, a gecko spotted at Fraser's Hill, Malaysia, on 20 Nov 2018. Spotted during a guided walk at night.

A close-up of the gecko's eye shows it's intricate iris pattern. Fascinating.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/1 ]


Open Street Maps viewer (offline & online). Yes! If you want to break away from google maps this is the way to go. Very easy to contribute to OSM. Help your community by adding local stores, restaurants and other businesses to the map.



Good article about Meteorite Hunting. It features a couple of hunters I am familiar with, Mike Farmer and Rob Ward. Two of the best in the field. This article details some of their hunting adventures around the world while looking for space rocks.

Link - wired.com/story/scramble-claim

#meteorites #meteoritehunting #meteorite #space #science #asteroid #geology #planetaryscience

A super article by a professional photographer on using FOSS for his workflow:


Describes his equipment and the applications he uses & why.

The latest Humble E-Book Bundle is the Hacking for the Holidays Bundle by No Starch Press.

Get Serious Cryptography: A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption, Black Hat Python, Android Security Internals, and more. Happy hacking holidays to you!

DRM-free and in multiple formats for all devices.


The latest Bundle of Holding is the Adventures in Middle-earth™ Bundle.

The OGL tabletop fantasy roleplaying game based on the works of JRR TOLKIEN. The most popular fantasy setting adapted at last for the most popular FRPG rules.

All DRM-free!


The Singapore High Court has granted a gay man’s bid to adopt his biological son born via a surrogate mother. The decision was delivered, in the Chief Justice's words, "With not insignificant difficulty".


Photograph - Straits Settlements Court, Temporary Annexe, Exhibition Building, 1880-1881 collections.museumvictoria.com

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