Waning Gibbous Moon
82% Illuminated - July 9th, 2020

Canon SL2/200D - Sigma 120-400mm DG OS APO Lens - 1.4x tele-converter - ISO 100 - f13 - Exposure 1/15sec

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Despite the rain today in Singapore, this Cycad Blue (Chilades pandava) came out to feed. Happy to be able to get shots on it on my phone.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/5 ]

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"A new map of the entire sky, as seen in X-rays, looks deeper into space than any other of its kind.

The map, released June 19, is based on data from the first full scan of the sky made by the eROSITA X-ray telescope onboard the Russian-German SRG spacecraft, which launched in July 2019."


Nice article on the UAE's attempt to send an orbiter to Mars.

"Faced with economic and environmental challenges, the small, oil-rich Gulf state hopes the Mars project can accelerate its transformation into a knowledge economy — by encouraging research, degree programmes in basic sciences and inspiring the youth across the Arab states"


Gauging your dog's age better with a new (more complicated) graph.

"The study focused only on yellow Labrador retrievers. Since the life spans of other breeds vary, further studies are needed to find out the real age of every very good dog, the scientists say."


With luck, we'll have two new rovers and one new orbiter at Mars.

"Three times in the coming month or so, rockets will light their engines and set course for Mars. A trio of nations — the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — will be sending robotic emissaries to the red planet, hoping to start new chapters of exploration there."


A gorgeous composite shot of the moon by astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy. Done by combining images of the moon at the terminator as it goes from full moon to new moon and combining them together.



And also meet the resident chemical cat. 🙂

"Why are some people allergic to cats? Why does cat pee smell so bad? And why do cats love catnip? This graphic looks at some of the answers!

I’ve recently become a cat owner: meet Linus (Pawling)!"


Yay. 😃 A new translation of the book, "Kiki’s Delivery Service" by Eiko Kadono, is out. Yes, this was the book the Studio Ghibli movie was based on.


Wow. 😃

"On July 14, 2020, the Jane Goodall Institute will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the day that Dr. Jane Goodall first arrived in what is now Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania, to begin her ground-breaking study of the wild chimpanzees living there."


Interesting development.

"Today, in a FOSSi Dial-Up talk, Tim Ansell of Google announced SkyWater PDK, the first manufacturable, open source process design kit. What differentiates this PDK from previous attempts is the fact that it is manufacturable: with this PDK, you can actually produce chips with the SkyWater foundry in the 130nm node."


Via Hacker News [ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 ]

I fiddle with the controls.
"I wish we could go to June 29, 2009."
"To professor Hawking's Time Traveller's Party? Don't we all. But it's too dangerous to go that far back."
"When's the earliest we can go?"
"The universal antipathogen rollout, when we don't risk anyone's life."
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.:: Snow flower ::.
Ah...snow... I miss it.

Hey Mastodon, a bit of fresh air for this week ;)

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:: Better res on website ::

Adding a luminance channel (L) of an unfiltered image can improve a RGB image by providing better brightness and detail information. RGB only on left, LRGB on right.

Interesting. Observations indicate that late in life, stars behave differently when it comes to lithium.

"We studied hundreds of thousands of stars like our own Sun and found they produce huge amounts of lithium late in their lives. This discovery, published today in Nature Astronomy, was not predicted by our best models of stars, indicating that some physical process must be missing from stellar theory."


Fun stuff. How Rodan might have fit in among the pterosaurs. 🙂

"The One Born of Fire: a pterosaurological analysis of Rodan"


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