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This week's ruling in Alasaad v. McAleenan is an important win for digital privacy rights that goes further than any previous judge in protecting digital privacy at the border. eff.org/deeplinks/2019/11/fede

Hmmm... Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia's co-founder) has set up his own social media site.

All I'm greeted with when visiting the site is a login page. Would be nice to be able to anonymously view public feeds from it first, I think, to get a feel of it.

Article about it: [ thenextweb.com/insider/2019/11 ]

The site itself: [ wt.social/ ]

A CNA article examining the mixed success of #ZeroWaste businesses in #Singapore, in a local culture slow to adopt the idea into the mainstream


'It'll be simple,' he said, voice barely shaking. 'Run in, grab the treasure, run out.'

'What about the monsters?' she replied. 'What about the dragon?'

'Well ... we'll move too fast for them, thanks to this.' He hefted his newly purchased spellbook. 'And you have the sword if anything goes wrong.'

'I do not feel confident I could take on a *dragon*!'

'We won't have to!'


#microfiction #TootFic

For today's warmup, I sketched the NASA NEAR Shoemaker probe which landed on the asteroid Eros in 2011 #sciart #mastoart #science

Lovely article at TheOnion about the terror of a rampaging caterpillar! 😆

"COLUMBUS, OH—A ravenous caterpillar escaped from captivity today, wreaking havoc as it devoured everything in its sight and carved a half-centimeter path of destruction across the city, horrified sources reported."


Trust me, you really don't want to click the 🎧 on this one.

Yay! Hayabusa2 is heading back to Earth with samples from asteroid Ryugu. It's expected to drop the samples for recovery in 2020. 😃


Getting better and better. First it was suspending the foam speck in mid-air. Then it was getting it to move. Now we're getting it to move fast enough that it can create floating images.


The North America and Pelican nebulae are actually the same cloud of hydrogen gas. Their shape and separation are caused by a cloud of dark dust between us and the emission nebula. #astrophoto

Here's a flow chart of how the fediverse works.

You don't ever see all of the fediverse from one instance. The vast majority of what you see is people followed by people on your instance.

Hashtag searches are limited to that, too.

So if you want to make your bit of the fediverse good, you have to:

1) Boost cool stuff to all your followers on other instances, especially if they contain hashtags;

2) Use hashtags.

#mastodon #meta #FAQ

Interesting coincidence. British actor Hugh Grant, and film director Guy Ritchie learned that their fathers once served in the same regiment in Singapore and have recreated a photo taken of their fathers.


The tower stood on a lonely mountaintop, far from town and city. One morning, a knight seeking adventure knocked on its door.
"Is this the lair of an evil sorcerer, or prison of a trapped princess?" he demanded.
Eventually, a tired voice called out.
"This is an observatory."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Well, at least the captchas have moved on from asking us to identify images of Sarah Connor. 🙂

At [ xkcd.com/2228/ ]

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