Argh. Not sure if it's an update to Chrome or an update to Ghostery, but middle-click to open a link in a new tab is now hitting Chrome's pop-up blocker instead of actually opening.

@sohkamyung Yeah, turning off Ghostery stops it from happening. Not a long-term solution, though!

@sohkamyung On one hand, it's good to know they're aware of it. On the other...a server-side change on Google's part shouldn't impact things happening on *other* sites. Middle-clicking Google's search results? Fine. Middle-clicking links in my own blog? Shouldn't be affected. Something doesn't add up.

Maybe what they mean is they're remotely changing config options or something...which doesn't inspire trust either.

@sohkamyung So if anyone's still following this, it turned out to be an experimental configuration setting in Chrome that Google turned on remotely for A/B testing.

Basically they have features that aren't quite ready, but that they put in the release version of the browser behind a config setting, and when the browser launches, it checks a server-side list of which experimental features it should turn on or leave off.

I can understand the logic, but it's also creepy.

@KelsonV I would guess the Chromium browser doesn't do this.

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