We should examine our own behaviours. Not just guys; some women (although less often) can be abusers too.

A Long Read on the abused, both physically and mentally that can occur in Singapore.

@sohkamyung I've a feeling the cases of women abusing men in heterosexual relationships are more underreported, due to the stigma of male victims being labelled "sissy/unmanly" for being abused by a woman

I suspect same-sex abusive relationships are also probably largely ignored

@btcprox I think underreporting does get a mention in the article:

"[S]ocial workers have said that it is difficult to draw a “substantive conclusion” just from the numbers alone, as it is mostly a function of reporting."

Abusive same-sex relationships are not mentioned in the article but you may be right about it being ignored. I do not know if AWARE deals with same-sex abuse situations.

The most abuse I have seen in relationships in my surrounding has been done by women. But apparently we have not learned yet that abuse has no gender or age or social background.

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