The UK apparently as a problem with Visa applications from Africans. Here's a post about a group of African researchers denied Visas to attend a UK conference on pandemics for unknown reasons.


>We all need protection from infectious diseases – even Britain.

Indeed - the whole of Europe and the world must be on guard against being contaminated by this resurgence in various outdated forms of nationalism!

Even nurses from the Phillipines struggle to get their visas sometimes and we have a shortage of nurses and healthcare workers (not even due to natives not "wanting" the jobs but there are less young people around in the UK due to falling birth rates..)

We have a similar issue in Germany. We have a bunch of Iranian elite students who are supposed to come for a one month internship. Yet the German embassy in Teheran has been so far unable to give them a visa. Or deny it. Or demonstrate any kind of progress at all in the last 6 months.

@attilakinali And, of course, @bagder has been waiting 400 over days for his Visa to the US to be approved / denied.

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