Flax-leaved horseweed, according to iNaturalist's identification engine.

Since the idea is to catalog nature, not gardens, I've found myself taking lots of photos of weeds. Some that I know, like dandelions, and a lot that I don't.

Unfortunately, while observations of birds almost instantly attract other users who are ready to fine-tune the ID, people don't seem as interested in identifying plants.

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@kelsonv Yes, I've notice that.

I think there are a few reasons:

- most people post cultured (or potted) plants on iNat, out of ignorance of iNat's purpose, which usually gets ignored

- less people on iNat are good at identifying plants. My region has a few good identifiers, fortunately.

- maybe your shots don't capture enough info to ID the plants. This has happened to me. This forum post has some photo taking recommendations, including for plants [ forum.inaturalist.org/t/photo- ]

@sohkamyung That's a really helpful forum thread. Thanks for linking to it.

I guess I've got to make an effort to take more varied photos of the plants I find.

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