This may / may not replace Olivia Newton-John as the singer of that song in your head. :-) Using a DECtalk to sing "Xanadu".

Well, that was excruciating. 😉

The Newton-John song wasn't great, but I can't say the synthesised version is an improvement. I won't be rushing out to buy the single.

Kind of spookie hearing "Stephen Hawking" doing the introduction.

@fitheach "Xanadu" is one of those movies that most people haven't seen, but whose music is familiar to those of a certain age.

Tor<dot>com did a write-up on the movie which was quite entertaining, even if the movie wasn't.

Oh, nothing to do with The Onion Router. looks interesting.

I've never seen the film. I have seen the Xanadu video many times, and it uses clips from the movie. I can't say it inspires me to seek out the film. I feel sorry for Gene Kelly.

I quite like several Newton-John songs, but there is something about Xanadu which I don't like. It might be the Electric Light Orchestra that puts my teeth on edge.


@fitheach Tor<dot>com is a publisher of mainly SF and Fantasy books. They also have a blog which is not focused on their own material but on general SFF and usually pretty interesting to read.

They occasionally post a series of post on movies, books, re-reads of books, etc.

Tor<dot>com also plays nice with ebooks, releasing them without DRM, and so release a lot of original fiction, mostly for free.

Oh, and I say Tor<dot>com just to play safe, i.e. it doesn't accidentally become a link. :-)

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