@kensanata 6. if when calling you don't immediately introduce yourself, you can be assumed to be a telemarketer and it's alright to just hang up



My 'one weird trick' is to not say "Hello" when I answer a call that may be from a telemarketer. Instead, I wait for the caller to say "hello".

I think most of them have auto-dialling machines that only connect to a real marketer upon hearing an audio signal.

Works for me. After 5 seconds of silence from me, I know it's a junk call and just hang up. Real people calling would say a "Hello?" by then. 🙂

@bkhl @kensanata

@sohkamyung @dennis @bkhl @kensanata I love in Taiwan so always get Chinese speaking telemarketers. Depending on my mood, I either let them do their spiel which I don't understand for a minute, then ask in English? Who is this? Or I just immediately start asking who is this? What do you want?

They hang up so fast because no telemarketers speak English. I assume they delete me from their list. I get a few calls a year now, but when I just got to Taiwan I got a heck of a lot more.

@tootbrute @sohkamyung @dennis @kensanata I live in Thailand and get a lot of people cold-calling foreigners offering "investment advice". They mostly call the reception of my office that then go fetch me, so just staying quiet is not really an option. Maybe if I tell the receptionist to say I'm dead instead, that might get me off some call lists?


Sometimes I will even say just a quick, simple "hello". Just that single word, one time only. ("One ping only, Vasily")

Then I wait.

Often that's not even enough to trigger the automated systems.

@dennis @bkhl @kensanata

@sohkamyung I've taken to this.

Also, "attorney general's office, department of consumer complaints". Pretty delightful.

@dennis @bkhl @kensanata

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