Interesting article about what to do with lithium-ion batteries from cars as they reach their end-of-life. They can be reused first for grid-storage before actual recycling them.

After re-use, recycle:

"That's completely unlike what's happening with lithium batteries. The authors highlight the power packs for the Tesla model S, the BMW i3, and Nissan Leaf, which differ by over 200kg and have significantly different shapes. The individual cells in the batteries are also different sizes and shapes, and the chemistries of the cathodes are distinct."

Make it the mfctr's problem to recycle them!!

Why do we have to go through this over and over again?!

@sohkamyung I'd like to see EU start mandating standard interfaces for traction batteries, for this and other reasons. It would also make it easier to maintain cars if you knew the battery used a standard, so you could replace the battery with any matching one. Might help accelerate the aftermarket for repurposed batteries, too.

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