Interesting on the restoration of peat bogs in Scotland (with a section on Indonesia), which help to absorb carbon.

"Globally, peatlands hold more than twice as much carbon as the world’s forests do, according to the United Nations Environment Programme."

@sohkamyung Yes, peatland holds an incredible high percentage of carbon and is very important to be protected and maintained.
Even more important is humus, as it is - or rather was and should be again - part of normal soil.
Humus contains 58% of C and is the way biggest storage for CO2 or CH4.
Sadly this is totally excluded from the wide public discussion about climate so far.

@sohkamyung In 2019 we have devoted our annual admonishing-fire in Vienna to humus-buildup for world-climate.
I since then desperately publish content for this decisive topic, so far only in German. Though I'm not the only one, we were unable indroducing into the big debate so far.

@sohkamyung The lack of regocnition of in the debate of is really very strange, as this issue basically is neither new nor secret.
I personally know about it since over 10 years.
And in 2015 the 4 per 1000 initiative was started together with the goals of the Paris climate summit:

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