"Researchers using a technique known as “lucky imaging” with the Gemini North telescope on Hawaii’s Maunakea have collected some of the highest resolution images of Jupiter ever obtained from the ground. These images are part of a multi-year joint observing program with the Hubble Space Telescope in support of NASA’s Juno mission."


@sohkamyung Don't know why they put lucky imaging in quotes, that's quite literally what it's called in the peer reviewed literature.

@evilscientistca I think because it /is/a quote. It sets the phrase off as a single unit and technical term for lay readers like me who might otherwise think that "lucky" was just an editorial adjective applied by the article writer as a casual description. @sohkamyung

@error_1202 @sohkamyung I saw it as air quotes, which would belie the fact that it's what is used in the biz.

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