A very nice post by Ken Shirriff on the first FPGA.

"The FPGA was invented by Ross Freeman who co-founded Xilinx in 1984 and introduced the first FPGA, the XC2064. [...] I reverse-engineered Xilinx's XC2064, and in this blog post I explain its internal circuitry (above) and how a "bitstream" programs it.""

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@sohkamyung That blog is really nteresting even for a non technical person like me. I read almost everything evn if lots of technical things go over my head.

@ghostdancer Glad you like it. Ken Shirriff has a knack of explaining complicated technology in terms that most people can grasp.

@sohkamyung Big truth. That's why I read it. I read once some posts about the 6502 , then the ones about the Xerox restoration and then got hooked. And I have no previous knowledge about electronics 😃

@ghostdancer @sohkamyung He's also in curiousmarc's videos. If you like his blog, these videos are definitely going to interest you:

@sohkamyung Ross Freeman, whose family name is a kind of crypto-anarchist benediction, is indeed a crypto-anarchist major contributer to digital freedom, and a crypto-anarchist hero.

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